Often, I can be a great victim of nostalgia, thinking back to a certain point in time, to a place, and I become consumed with the great desire to be there once again.  But today, sparked by a post about someone’s recent return from Paris, I was momentarily taken back to my four days there in October 2006.  Call me a heathen, but Paris was by no means our favorite city on that two-month adventure; perhaps that is why I simply remember that time with fondness, rather than an overwhelming desire to be there once again.

Interestingly enough, it was a picture on that blog post of the Paris Metro that brought all this back, rather than the more cliched Paris photographs (which is mostly all I have).

one of the many


the anus of eiffel tower

ballerina painting

window in our hotel room


opera stairs

katie jumping!

P.S. The one thing I do miss intensely about Paris is the food: the cheese, the crepes, the café, the ice cream. Check out the salted caramel sauce recipe on the Smitten Kitchen link up above – it looks divine.