Often, I can be a great victim of nostalgia, thinking back to a certain point in time, to a place, and I become consumed with the great desire to be there once again.  But today, sparked by a post about someone’s recent return from Paris, I was momentarily taken back to my four days there in October 2006.  Call me a heathen, but Paris was by no means our favorite city on that two-month adventure; perhaps that is why I simply remember that time with fondness, rather than an overwhelming desire to be there once again.

Interestingly enough, it was a picture on that blog post of the Paris Metro that brought all this back, rather than the more cliched Paris photographs (which is mostly all I have).

one of the many


the anus of eiffel tower

ballerina painting

window in our hotel room


opera stairs

katie jumping!

P.S. The one thing I do miss intensely about Paris is the food: the cheese, the crepes, the café, the ice cream. Check out the salted caramel sauce recipe on the Smitten Kitchen link up above – it looks divine.


The two swaps I joined this summer are ending! This was my first time doing a swap. I had a lot of fun shopping, and it has been great getting goodies in the mail. Both of my pals were excellent!

The first swap I joined way back in June was the Knitter’s Virtual Vacation Swap. All summer long there were different contests running on the blog. I didn’t get to participate in these as much as I would have liked because I was really busy with various things. I still had a lot of fun. I got to send some San Francisco love to North Carolina. The other day, I received my vacation, all the way from Mississippi!

This picture represents only a fraction of what was in the package. Apparently there is also another box that hasn’t arrived yet! My pal from MS sent me lots of variagated wool, two knitting books and one magazine (not shown), “Strange But True: Mississippi” (I will definitely get a kick out of this), a keychain, a shot glass (not shown), LOTS of postcards, some pretty blue stitch markers (not shown), beverage goodies (not shown), and my absolute favorite thing, this beautiful knitted cozy.

The yarn is gorgeous and my camera fits in it quite well. 🙂

I was so excited to “go” to Mississippi. I have had this strange fascination with the South for years. Witness the map I have on my wall:

I have been to Georgia and the Carolinas briefly on a road trip, but one of these days I was to spend some time in Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, and Lousiana. I don’t know what it is. Maybe the South just seems so different from anything I’ve ever known (California, mainly). This vacation just made it even more enticing! Thank you so much to my pal. I hope you reveal your identity in the other box so I can thank you properly!

Secondly, we have the Caffeine Addicts swap for the Ravelry group of the same name. This one was organized right after the group formed and I’m sure there will be more to come. Partners will officially be revealed on Monday. I need to disclose, however, that I am bad and have not yet mailed my my package. Everything is ready to go, but I kept thinking I would find one more goody to throw in, and all of sudden it’s the middle of September! On Monday when they are revealed I will let my pal know. I’m planning to pack it up tonight and have James take it to the post office tomorrow.

My package arrived today. Jo (that’s all I know right now) sent me some lovely things!

The yarn is 100% linen in a gorgeous brown. I think I will use this for a pretty towel or placemat, or maybe something from my Japanese crochet book. The color is called “espresso” and it definitely lives up to its name. The coffee is Organic Fair Trade Nicaraguan. I don’t think I’ve actually had Nicaraguan coffee, so I’m looking forward to this! There are some very pretty purple stitch markers. Up until now I have been using cheap plastic stitch makers, and sometimes the ones I made, but now I have all kinds of jewelry for my knitting. Lastly, the mug. It is hand-thrown, from Snowy River Pottery. It is the most gorgeous mug I have ever seen. Absolutely perfect in every way!

The colors are SO me and the shape and detailing is wonderful. I like that it has a larger base…much less possibility of knocking it over. I forgot to get a good shot of the handle, but it is thick and easy to grip with lovely ridging running down it. I could not be happier. Thank you, Jo!

Well, time to go pack up my caffeine swap pal’s stuff so it’s all ready to go. I hope both my pals love their packages as much I love mine!

last night i made it back to my wonderful alameda apartment, after exactly eight weeks of foreign adventures. the trip was absolutely amazing, but part of me was definitely ready to come home. i slept in my own bed last night. it was amazing.

as for knitting, i did my fair share on this journey. i brought three skeins of noro silk garden lite with me to work on cozy for my mom. i’m about halfway through that third skein. i knitted madly for the beginning and then took a break for a few months to catch up on some reading. the one downfall to knitting is that i don’t read nearly as much as i would like to, so i am going to be trying to balance these two things. maybe i will even turn this into a knitting and reading blog. that would be something.

i also finished my own pair of knucks, just AFTER we left iceland, where they would have been quite nice to have. i bought yarn in a few places. i found some for really cheap at a giant flea markent in dresden, and then i bought some irish wool. in iceland i meant to buy a few skeins and then i never got around to it. i’ll look for it on the internet. i also didn’t happen upon a norweigian yarn store, but if i get some of that i can knit it with the irish yarn to represent my ancestry. ironically enough, icelanders are descended from a mixture of norweigian vikings and celts that they enslaved. so essentially, i’m icelandic. i just don’t live there. and there’s a few other things thrown into muddy it up.

i did get inspired by those icelandic sweaters, which i would have loved to buy. but on a budget trip, $100+ for a sweater was not going to happen. i did decide that i will knit myself one. it’s going to be beautiful.

now is the time to get in gear for knitting xmas presents. mom’s cozy is about halfway done. also on the list:

-socks for dad
-armwarmers for kristen
-‘we call them pirates’ hat for katie (j’s sister)

maybe something for keriann, though she is a little difficult because i want her to actually LIKE the thing i make for her.

also jon mentioned something on this blog about needing clothes for colder weather (he’s in salem, oregon). his birthday was a few days ago. i thought maybe i’ll knit him a hat or a scarf and send it to him as a surprise.

now, i just need the time for all this. i started reading ulysses, which isn’t going to be done anytime soon. next on the book list are said’s orientalism, don quixote, and marquez’s one hunndred years of solitude. the books don’t need to be done by xmas, but all this ambition is going to take some discipline.

hello knit/crochet blog.
i have been doing a bit of knitting but mostly i have been spending time on the glorious internet planning my european tour.
the internet is such an amazing place. it’s easy to get lost, or forget places you once held dear.
so, don’t expect to hear that much out of me in the upcoming weeks (or months). because i will be off adventuring. but there will always be knitting. just not as much.

i finished james’ knucks (no pics yet) and started my own pair from the silky tweed i got at skein lane. my interweave shrug sits a little under halfway done. i think of swatching for mom’s cozy and then i convince myself i have other more important things to do.

but mainly i get too damn excited about my trip and go look up maps of foreign public transportation systems and schedules for overnight trains.

even if i don’t knit very much, in europe, i will knit <b>everywhere</b>.

it has suddenly been awhile since i’ve posted. i have been knitting, but this month has been incredibly hectic. i was also on ‘vacation’ for a week…with very limited internet access.

while i was in montana visiting my extended family on my mother’s side, my 14 year old cousin passed away. that’s why it’s ‘vacation’, not vacation. the last week and a half have been incredibly difficult.

but i’ve still been knitting. while i was there all i had to work on was my feather & fan lace scarf.

this picture is from a few days before the trip when i had first started. i haven’t taken another picture yet, but i’ve finished one skein of andean treasure in the orange color and another in a heathered grey. originally i was only going to do it in those colors, but since the gauge is small, i’m adding in some andean treasure in lavender as well. but now that i’m back, that’s on hold for other things.

as soon as i saw knucks on the new knitty, i knew i had to make some for james, even if they are without the embroidery. he had requested gloves like that quite some time ago and i never got around to looking for a good pattern but this is perfect!

i had yarn waiting for me at ups, but i couldn’t get it over the weekend, so i decided to go to the yarn store and start on the knucks. i was good and only bought the yarn and needles i needed for that. i am almost done with the first one!

and on monday i went to ups and got my halcyon yarn order, which contained big kureyon and some fuzzy mohair called fusion for my shrug from interweave. i cast that on monday when i got home from work. working with giant size 15 dpns was…difficult…at first, but it got a bit better. now i’m onto straights so it’s going easier.

i am also on the search for yarn for my mom’s clapotis that i’m going to make her for xmas. i am hoping to bring that along to europe to work on during my travels.

i have been doing a fair amount of knitting though i have been trying to restrain myself in the efforts of finishing my work up this semester. just about 2 more weeks and all that will be done and i can knit to my heart’s content!

yesterday i just finished a panta. i will be posting a picture of that very soon.

i’m also making amy a pair of the plain janes because she is so in love with them.

i have been in LA since thursday night staying with keith for the PSA conference and since i am just chillin (and i was really productive for school last week) i spent all yesterday knitting while he had to work. today we are leaving to drive north and i get to knit in the car while he is driving. after all, i get carsick if i try and read, so homework is out of the question.
we might go to hearst castle which would be soooooooo cool.

when i can’t justify actually knitting i have been trying to pick out my yarn to make this beautiful shrug that is a free online pattern from interweave knits (too lazy to link anything right now). they use some different stuff but i think i am going to use noro big kureyon (first time i’ll use noro) and possibly this mohair blend called orient express that is discontinued but is still available some places online. i want to go look at the colors in real life though so i might choose some other mohair blend in place of it. the best thing is that i got $75 between my mom and grandmother for my birthday on thursday so i can totally justify the noro purchase. it’s going to be so yummy.