The past week was full of ups and downs.  These were mostly related to my job/financial situation.  I didn’t work all last week, and all my calls with the temp agency were disappointing.  So I took matters into my own hands and slogged through Craigslist job postings.  I didn’t have must hope of hearing back, but I felt a little productive anyway.  I guess I must have become good at writing cover letters at some point in the past few months, because I got not one, but two responses!  I set both interviews for Monday.  They went fairly well, but I won’t hear about them until next week.

So I was feeling heartened, but still extremely stressed out about my financial situation, and not knowing when I would next have money coming in.   On Tuesday, though, my temp agency called me with a job at UC Berkeley…starting Wednesday!  I’m working in the Office of the Vice Chancellor of Research.  Sounds fancy, huh?  It’s only for 13 days, but it’s money.  And if I do happen to get one of the jobs I interviewed for, I can start right after this one ends.

It’s fun being here at UCB.  It’s making me think seriously again about Grad school and what I should study.  Lots of interesting things here, especially if I want to go on the Ph.D track.  In leiu of my renewed enthusiasm in academia, I’ve finally started reading Edward Said’s Orientalism.  It’s pretty much required reading for myself, and I’m ashamed it’s taken me this long to get around to it.  And, in my extreme nerd-dom, I’m planning on writing it up on a sister blog.  We’ll see if that actually happens.


started: saturday, may 27, 2006
as soon as i finished those slippers for james’ mom of course i had to start clapotis. i was so excited that i started it on the car ride from alameda to sf to james’ graduation with his parents. usually i can’t knit in the car (because i’m driving) but i took advantage of the break. and the 3 hour long ceremony.

i did one less increase repeat than the pattern called for. i think it will be a good width. and i was also slightly concerned about not having quite enough yarn, because my skeins (misti cotton) have slightly less yardage than the lion and lamb that the pattern calls for.

dropping the stitches is fun; even james gets excited when it’s time for that. i’ve almost completed 5 of the 13 straight row repeats.
if i had to set a goal for myself, it would be to finish before my trip to montana in july. at the rate i’m going, that is easily achievable.
it is also my goal to work on this, and ONLY this (with the exception of amy’s other slipper, especially since she found buttons) until it is done! we’ll see if it can keep my attention.

now that i have been graduated for a week and done with a school for a few days longer, i have been knitting/crocheting all over the place. i frogged the stash buster cardigan from crochetme that i had started a few months ago to use the yarn to make this pretty lacy shrug thing from the snb happy hooker. i had meant to finish before my graduation to wear it with the dress i bought, but i ran out of time on the sleeves. i’m going to finish it before this upcoming saturday though, and wear the shrug and dress to james’ graduation! i’ll take a picture when it’s done.

speaking of pictures, i’m really happy because i found my fucking camera charger. i couldn’t take any pics for over a month because i lost it. and guess where it was? buried with my yarn stash. which i ORGANIZED the other day…

i put things in ziploc bags and made labels and rediscovered all kinds of random stuff that i sort of forgot i had. then for some reason, even though i was excited about all the random yarn, i bought three skeins of sport weight baby soft lion brand baby soft (visible in the photo-teal, pink and white w/ specks) for no particular reason other than i liked the colors, and ordered three skeins of misti cotton (in a really pretty copper) with which i will be making a clapotis at some point this summer. oh yeah, and one skein of plymouth encore in pretty teal to make plain janes for james’ mom for her bday/mothers day. i have to finish those by this weekend also when she’s here for james’ graduation. he said she would really like them.

other things…i’ve started like 3 different patterns with my silk garden lite…i am now working on this neck scarf thing from fiber trends. we’ll see how it turns out, or how long i go before i frog it. i don’t know why i am so completely indecisive about making things with this yarn. somehow nothing seems good enough. i could buy more to make a clapotis but it’s noro and i’m poor. but maybe in the end, that’s what i should do. that pattern is basically exactly what i want for it.

oh, last wip is the leg warmers from one skein that i finally got to start. this first pair is being made in knitpicks andean treasure in a pretty purple/lavender. it is so amazingly soft, especially when knitted up. i figured out the lace at the beginning. the first of the pair is allllmost done.

i’d better get knitting if i have two projects i have to finish by saturday!

p.s. knitting all the time and not worrying about school is pretty much the best feeling ever.

dear knit/crochet blog,
though i have been doing my fair (if slightly reduced) share of knitting and crocheting, i have not been updating because rather than doing these crafts i was supposed to be finishing papers and such for school. however, having just finished said papers a mere fifteen minutes ago…
let a summer of yarn fetish begin!

(updates and pictures of WIPs and FOs soon soon soon)

i have been doing a fair amount of knitting though i have been trying to restrain myself in the efforts of finishing my work up this semester. just about 2 more weeks and all that will be done and i can knit to my heart’s content!

yesterday i just finished a panta. i will be posting a picture of that very soon.

i’m also making amy a pair of the plain janes because she is so in love with them.

i have been in LA since thursday night staying with keith for the PSA conference and since i am just chillin (and i was really productive for school last week) i spent all yesterday knitting while he had to work. today we are leaving to drive north and i get to knit in the car while he is driving. after all, i get carsick if i try and read, so homework is out of the question.
we might go to hearst castle which would be soooooooo cool.

when i can’t justify actually knitting i have been trying to pick out my yarn to make this beautiful shrug that is a free online pattern from interweave knits (too lazy to link anything right now). they use some different stuff but i think i am going to use noro big kureyon (first time i’ll use noro) and possibly this mohair blend called orient express that is discontinued but is still available some places online. i want to go look at the colors in real life though so i might choose some other mohair blend in place of it. the best thing is that i got $75 between my mom and grandmother for my birthday on thursday so i can totally justify the noro purchase. it’s going to be so yummy.

i finished my first plain jane slipper at work last night. i learned things like: knitting with dpns (fun and frustrating all at once), yarn over (only sort of…), and the three needle bind off (totally awesome).

i will hopefully make the other one soon, but to keep my wandering mind occupied, i started on dina’s hat instead. this is my first attempt with circular needles and so far it is dreamy. i knitted several rounds while watching the constant gardener today. all diversions from the paper i need to be writing. but to be fair, i did read a chapter and a half of a book for school before i started knitting today. so there.

today both my knit picks AND orders came!!!

there is knit picks’ andean treasure in three colors (lilac, mystery, and sunset), some split ring stitch markers, a set of US7 dpns, a US7 16″ circulars, and a hat pattern.
i’ll be using at least some of the andean treasure (but possibly all…) and the dpns to make the leg warmers from one skein, and the circulars i need for the hat pattern, for which i’ll be using classic elite miracle (color 3304, a light aqua blue).

i have been really anxious for this stuff to come and going crazy without something to knit since sunday when i finished the scarf that i bought some US6 dpns last night at beverly’s and started the plain jane slippers with some stash yarn! i got as far as the heel by this morning:

also while i was taking pictures of random knitting stuff i thought i’d show off my new yarn bag. i bought it last thursday when my friend and i took a trip to the fairly new h&m in san francisco. i love it so much!

i have this outline that i HAVE to write by tomorrow for my psa presentation in a few weeks but knitting is so much better than that. and now i have so many new projects to work on!