Though my sewing skills are extremely limited, I have managed a few small projects since I got my sewing machine last Christmas. They have been few and far between, usually because I convince myself that getting out the sewing machine is a big ordeal and I don’t have enough time or energy to deal with it. There’s also the prep work, like cutting fabric, that I don’t enjoy as much as the actual sewing. Knitting and crocheting, on the other hand, are easily picked up from the baskets next to my favorite chair. There’s no large equipment, and no big cleanup when I’m done. My little embroidery experimentation a few weeks ago had some of those same small, portable benefits and I really enjoyed that new medium. I like branching out beyond my comfort zone and building my skills in other areas. I suppose I risk stretching myself too thin over too many crafts, but for me, the bottom line is that I’m enjoying what I’m doing. My unquenchable thirst for knowledge and expertise means I’ll always be going in a zillion different directions.

I got an email from Stitch Lounge about their second book. I went to add it to my Amazon wish list and I started clicking around to some other newish sewing books that I hope might motivate me to go beyond my knitting needles.

(click on pictures to link to Amazon)

I think that right now my sewing, etc. goals are for small projects that help me master different techniques. I don’t have a huge interest in making full garments at this point, but I am interested in altering/refashioning (hence, Subversive Seamster). I have a few too-big tshirts laying around that I want to fit me. Mainly, though, I want to do little projects that a) won’t take a lot of time to complete (one or two sittings), and b) will make awesome little gifts for the upcoming holidays and other occasions. I also don’t really like knitting small fiddly things like stuffed animals, but I think sewing them would be much more enjoyable.

If anyone has other suggestions for good books or patterns, feel free to send them along! Hopefully I won’t be all talk and no action on this.


I have been so busy between working two jobs and taking German class. Labor Day gave me an extra day off, but now it’s going to be one day weekends for awhile. The thing that sucks is that the paychecks haven’t quite started piling up yet, so I’m working all the time, but I still feel broke.

But, it’s not really so bad, and I have a goal in mind. James and I want to go to Japan and Thailand sometime next spring, so I want to be able to save as much money as possible for that. It would be nice to go for 3 weeks, or even a month.

My work schedule has also reduced my knitting time somewhat, especially since neither job allows me to knit while getting paid. I have been working on the second 9 to 5 sock during my breaks from the coffee shop. At home, I have been plugging away at the Mrs. Darcy cardigan. The body pieces are finished and seamed, and I’m happy with the fit. I knit the first sleeve last week and tweaked it a little, and yesterday I started the second. I’m on the home stretch and I’m really excited about it! I haven’t decided if I like knitting sweaters in pieces better, per say, but it makes the milestones a little more concrete.

My lack of time has made photographs difficult, but I do have one. Over the holiday, I caught up on the first few weeks of the Crafty Daisies Embroidery Lessons, and completed the second homework assignment. I haven’t done embroidery since 6th grade, but this has been really fun so far.

Right after I did this cupcake pattern, I realized it was the perfect birthday present for my friend who loves cupcakes! It’s still just a loose piece of fabric, but I took the picture and posted it on Flickr for a nice morning surprise. I think her comment on the picture demonstrates her excitement well enough. I will probably turn it into a little pillow or something. Or just give it to her as is and she can make it into something if she wants.

I also just got my Virtual Vacation from my KVVS pal! She took me to Mississippi, which was entirely appropriate given my odd fascination with the South. I’ll do a proper post on it later.