I finally took a decent picture of my single 9 to 5 sock.

I finished this one over a week ago and I finally cast on for the second the other day.  I’ve never had horrible 2nd sock syndrome, but this summer especially I’ve been really good.  Sometimes I take little breaks in between socks to knit other things, which is why one pair takes a month.

I really like the stitch pattern on this sock.  It looks all cabled and awesome, but it is so easy to do; much faster than cabling.  I also love how the columns that travel down the heel flap.  This is also my first pair of socks with Knit Picks Essential (I have had it in my stash for a year…) and I love this yarn.  It soft and squishy and shows stitch patterns nicely, all while being totally cheap.  I don’t know how well it wears but I want to make lots and lots of socks from this stuff.  I am totally stocking up next time I order from KP.

I have been trying to make headway on just three projects: these socks, my Mrs. Darcy cardigan, and squares for the Color Bar Blanket.  I’ve started the first sleeve on the cardigan and I got some embroidery thread for seaming last night.  I got the Fall Interweave Knits a few days ago which has inspired much pattern lust, but I am trying to stick with what I’m working on, and find things that can use up yarn I already have laying around.  I definitely want to knit the Tilted Duster and the Minimalist Cardigan.  Right now I can’t afford to be spending money on more sweater yarn, but I have plenty to keep me occupied in the meantime.

With the first real heat wave of the summer around here, you wouldn’t know that fall is on the way, but I still can’t help but love my tweedy Beaverslide wool.


best yarn bag EVER from anatomy of a skirt. they also have other really super cool stuff for every day!

birthday presents?

also in the near future i will be getting a hook case (and later a needle case) from crippenworks. truly a step up from the old vanna white hook case.