I know it’s been awhile. I wouldn’t say it’s the holidays that made me too busy to blog; there’s really no one reason to blame. Maybe it’s the working 50 hours (or more) a week thing. It’s been tough enough to keep on up blog reading. And in the spare time that I have, I’d much rather be actually knitting and spinning than writing about it.

This was Christmas at my parent’s house.

I got to hang out with my sisters, see my dear kitty, Merlin, and do holiday stuff like frosting cookies and wrapping presents. I hardly left the house except to see a few high school friends at night, and it was completely relaxing. Christmas day is always extremely low-key with my family; it takes us hours to open all the gifts because we take our time, and take breaks, and enjoy being around each other. I don’t have many gift-knitting pictures, but I’ll show the ones I do have in my next post.

I’m not really one to make New Year’s resolutions, goals, life changes, etc. Usually I tell people that my resolution is “to be more awesome than last year.” But, reading all these blogs the past few weeks on the subject has inspired me to at least lay out some *guidelines* for improving my life a little bit.

1. Meal planning. I received a few cookbooks for the holidays that I had been wanting, and I would really like to actually use them. I get it together and cook every now and then, but this post over at Obsession with Food has inspired me to plan out the meals for the week. This will hopefully a) make cooking at home more and more frequent, b) allow me to be more adventurous and creative with what I make, and c) solve the pesky problem I tend to have of leftover, unused ingredients spoiling and going to waste.

2. Eating more intuitively. Another interesting blog post inspired this. I want to take on a new attitude toward, and better habits about eating. It’s not about dieting, but it is about both enjoying what I’m eating, and giving my body what it needs to feel good. Too often I deprive myself of adequate food during the day, and then come home and eat terribly in the evening. The meal planning should help with my dinner dilemmas, and make those late-night Taco Bell runs less frequent. And if I’m planning out my meals, it should be easier to ensure I’m eating wholesome, quality food, rather than whatever happens to be lying around.

3. Making time. I tend to think that I “don’t have enough time” to do everything, from infrequent hobbies to cleaning the house. While everyone just needs to chill out and do nothing once in awhile, I really think that I can use my time at home better. The other night when I got home from work, rather than sitting down immediately and knitting for 4 hours (until I was tired and starving), I got my laundry going, cleaned the bathroom, and vacuumed right away. It didn’t take very long, and I still had plenty of time to work on several different projects. I felt productive, and I didn’t spend the evening thinking about how filthy the house was. I want to be the same way about my other hobbies too. I’ve been trying to spin every few days, and and I hope to make sewing more frequent as well. Also included in this should be picture-taking and blogging 🙂

I’ve already got a ton of projects either started or in the planning stages.  Lots of good ideas and inspiration have been coming my way lately.  Lots of nice yarn and fiber to see, too.  I promise pictures soon!


The Emporium Dome at the San Francisco Shopping Center

Could someone please tell me where the last 3 weeks went? I feel like all I’ve done is work, eat, and knit. Photographing and writing about knitting are luxuries that I just haven’t had the time to do, and just keeping up with other people’s blogs has proven nearly impossible.

Even though I said I wasn’t knitting many gifts this year, throughout November ideas kept popping into my head. I love all of the things I am making, but it still is time consuming, and a little bit stressful. I redid the short row heal on my uncle’s Phineas socks 3 times before I was satisfied, but it’s finally come out ok. It’s been a week since I finished the one sock and I’ve got to start the second one soon, but for now I am working on a mitten for someone else. I can’t say too much about that one in case the recipient happens to be reading.

I was also looking for something handmade I could do for quick gifts, so I made my first felted bowl.  I have plenty of random wool laying around to use for this, though I have bought some chunky solid wool from the yarn store I’m working in.  This is the first one I felted, using Freedom Wool.

This was my first intentionally felted object and it came out pretty good!  I hand-felted it in the sink; it took probably half an hour.  This wool felted really easily, being a chunky, loosely spun single.  I probably could have gotten that last little bit of stitch definitely out, but my hands were getting tired.  Next time I’ll wear rubber gloves.  The pattern is the one in One Skein, though knitting the bowl is just like making the most basic hat ever, and there are plenty of free instructions online.  I plan on putting baked goods and soaps in these for gifts.

P.S. I totally failed at NaKniSweMo.  More later…