Last night as my Thing-a-Day for Feb. 12, I started the cross stitch kit I bought from Subversive Cross Stitch a few weeks ago.

Didn’t get super far, but I’m trying to do it when James isn’t around/isn’t paying attention so it will be a hilarious surprise.  Also…cross stitch is so awesome!  This morning as I was getting dressed for work I was dreaming about doing an entire Pacman (best game EVER) screen in cross stitch.  Then…look what I found!

I also found my new favorite blog, Sprite Stitch.  I have seem some of her stuff on the CRAFT blog before, but it took until today to realize how awesome every single post is over there.  OMG.  If I could cross stitch old video game characters and scenes for the rest of my life, I would die happy.

P.S.  I have only missed one day of Thing-a-Day so far (last Friday).  I haven’t always been posting on time, but I’m caught up right now and I’m trying to do things every day that contribute to the project and my goals for it.  Almost halfway there…