I have been meaning to write this post all week, but my days have been busy.

I got a pretty good start with NaKniSweMo.  I am *this close* to finishing my second sleeve.  My goal was to have both sleeves done by Nov. 8, and they nearly were, but Wednesday and Thursday did not afford much knitting time, because of preparation for Pumpkin Dinner.  But tonight I intend to finish that other sleeve, and hopefully cast on for the body of the sweater.

In the meantime…here is the first completed sleeve:

I love the way the striping is coming out.  It’s amazing how there is no jog when knitting stripes that are only one row high!

I feel a little behind, but I haven’t lost all hope yet.  And if I fail, hopefully the sweater will at least be done by xmas.

I also got a good start on a sock for my uncle last Sunday…and had hardly any time to work on it again until today.  Here’s what I had done last week:

That is one pattern repeat, and I’ve just finished another one to complete the cuff.  Despite being umimpressed last time, I’m going to do a short row heel on these socks in hopes that they will fit better.  The pattern is Phineas.  The stitch pattern is extremely simple, created by knits and purls, and at first I was afraid it would look sloppy.  But I like how it is coming out, and I think after a washing it will look even better.  I’ve modified this pattern to be cuff down, instead of toe up, and I did 2×2 ribbing on the cuff, instead of twisted rib.

My new spindle from ButterflyGirl Designs came yesterday. I immediately started spinning some predrafted fiber that was laying around, even though I was tired.  At 1.3 oz, it is a bit different than a 3 oz. Louet, but with a little practice I’ll do fine.  After finishing a bit of singles, I tried Navajo plying for the first time, and it is awesome!  My single was not the most consistent thing in the world, but I am still amazed at this plying technique.  I think I am going to be doing a lot more spinning in the near future!  Which will, of course, make NaKniSweMo all that much harder.