Working six days per week really makes time fly. Just when I was starting to get used to it, the wine-related job offered me full time. So, I’ve quit the coffee shop and this last week I enjoyed TWO days off instead of just one. It hasn’t really made life any less busy though. And I have another opportunity in the works that may shorten my weekends again, but I think it might be worth it.

Last Monday was James’ bday. I bought him a Nintendo DS Lite, and secretly made him this awesome case to go with it:

Click on the picture for more photos!

It was a big hit. I love that it matches the DS Lite too. We also had two awesome dinners (different friend groups…) and I took Monday off so we could relax together. I hope he had a good birthday!

The needlepointing took up a bit of my time, but I’ve been doing a fair amount of knitting as well. I finished the 9 to 5 socks, and have a few inches of a cuff on a Twisted Tweed Sock. I’m using this German sock yarn I picked up for 50 p at a flea market in Dresden.

I realized the Mrs. Darcy cardigan has been sitting around for a month since I finished the knitting, and I just needed to sew on the sleeves. I’ve been putting it off because I’ve never done set in sleeves…but I tackled it tonight and I think I did ok. Here is a really crappy picture I took tonight:

It’s being held closed by a knitting needle. I need to go button shopping!

I’m also working on another fall sweater knit in at a larger gauge. I want to have this one totally complete by the end of the month so I can start fresh for NaKniSweMo. I finished the back tonight.

There has also been a bit of spinning going on, including my first plied yarn! I hope to get back to more regular posts in the near future.

Happy autumn!

ETA: Pattern for Mrs. Darcy Cardigan.