Last Sunday I didn’t feel like knitting MS3 or socks or spinning.  I wanted something mindless and comfortable, that would make progress quickly and maybe even get finished.  So I pulled out the feather and fan scarf I started back in February out of the Mountain Colors wool and mohair that I got for xmas last year.

I used to bring it with me to work on my breaks at Starbucks because it was easy to start and stop and it didn’t require too much concentration.  I hadn’t really worked on it much since I quit Sbux because it was a bit to big to carry around on a regular basis.  But…

An extended evening of TV watching rendered it complete!  Originally I was going to keep going until I completely ran out of the mohair, but I decided to save a little to make some matching wristbands.  I love that I was just able to pick up this project and finish it in a few hours.  When I started I really wanted to show off the pretty hand-painted colors of the yarn and I think it came out really well.

Pattern: Feather & fan lace stitch, two repeats wide
Yarn: Mountain Colors 4/8s Wool; Mountain Colors Mohair
Colorway: Obsidian
Needles: US 8 (5mm) bamboo
Notes: I used beads in the cast on and bind off.  I think the cast on was just long tail, and the bind off was a decrease bind off.  I placed beads every other stitch.  There is a two-stitch garter border on each side of the scarf.  I carried the yarn up the sides of the stripes so I wouldn’t have a million ends to weave in.

The wool is nice and soft, and this is the only mohair I’ve actually enjoyed working with.  It was thick and smooth and reflected the dye more brightly than the wool.  Both yarns were the same colorway (Obsidian) but the contrasting fibers show it off differently.  The textured stripes stand out from each other, but blend well, especially with the waviness of the pattern.  I haven’t blocked it and I don’t know if I’ll bother because I chose feather & fan more for the ripple effect than for the lace effect.  In any case, I love how it came out and it’s going to be wonderful to wear this fall/winter.