I was in the city on Saturday and we went to Japantown to get ice cream crepes. I got vanilla ice cream with Nutella and cinnamon.  We also made the requisite trip into the bookstore and I finally bought a Japanese craft book. I always almost buy one and then convince myself I “don’t need it”. But this one just had too much cute stuff.

It’s filled with pretty little crocheted things for the home. I’m not sure about the yarn weights (since everything except the page numbers are in Japanese), but most of it looks like sport or fingering. And so I find myself coveting any and all lightweight cotton and linen in sophisticated colors.

So many pretty things. Now I think I can feel justified buying a ball or two of Habu that I otherwise wouldn’t know what to do with. Lately when I buy yarn I feel guilty getting only a skein or two if I don’t know what I’ll use it for – unless it’s sock yarn. It would be nice to buy other kinds of yarn too. I’m always need more more small simple projects.

The charts should be pretty easy to follow. There are a few things that look a little confusing, but figuring it all out is the challenge (and hence the fun). I really wanted to get one of these amazing stitch dictionaries they had (with big gorgeous pictures and clear charts), but I’ll save one of those for next time. I guess it’s a good thing there are no yarn stores in Japantown. Crepes, books, AND yarn in the same place? I would be lost forever.

P.S. The ISBN on this book is 4529040941.