So, I joined Summer of Socks 2007.  I have made a few pairs of socks in the past, but all of the successful ones were gifts.  I made a single Jaywalker after xmas, but I really hate how the yarn feels so I didn’t even bother making the second.  Anyway, I decided I needed some socks of my own, and this would be great motivation to do it.

We started on June 21st (summer solstice), and I cast on for Charade, with my recently purchased Hello Yarn tough sock.  I mostly knitted this first sock at work.  I had a really hard time getting myself to cast on for the second over the weekend, instead wanting to start a different sock.  But I was disciplined.  Now that I’m a few inches into the cuff of number 2, I know I won’t start another until this one is finished.

Part of the reason I had such a hard time resisting the urge to start a different sock is because I went yarn shopping over the weekend.  Since I was doing socks, I thought it was high time I get that red Panda Cotton I’ve been obsessing over, to make my mom some warm-weather appropriate socks.  After acquiring the yarn, it was really hard not to use it right away.  But I really needed to mull over possible patterns for a bit, and I’m glad I am not (yet) falling victim to second-sock syndrome.  I think I have decided on the Wyvern Socks.  They fit my requirements for this sock plan: toe-up, ankle length, and somewhat lacy.  I can’t wait to get started.

While I was staring at the turning tower of sock yarn in Article Pract, I also found this:

Such a pretty color, and I’ve been wanting something a hand-dyed semisolid like this.  Maybe it will be Pomatomus, but for now, I’m content to just admire it.

And in my sock-phoria over the weekend, I decided it was high time I start photographing some of my stash for Ravelry.  So I pulled out any and all ‘sock yarn’ I could find, even if it’s ultimate purpose will not be for socks.  And so I give you, my modest sock yarn stash.