Progress on Clementine is going well.  I finished the first half over the weekend and immediately started the second panel so i wouldn’t be tempted to cast on something else (like a lacy yoga bag?) as a “reward”.  I’ve finished the increase section and now have 25 more straight repeats to go, which I can easily finish with a few nights of Heroes and BBC’s Robin Hood.  This project has been almost exclusively tv knitting; the lace pattern is simple and easy to memorize and keep track of, especially once you get into the straight section.  And that triple stranded alpaca feels so nice.

Unfortunately, this means that this lovely alpaca lace shawl will be finished just as summer is heating up, especially in Montana where my Grandma lives.  Do I keep it safely at my house for a few months for a more appropriate time, weather-wise, to send it, or do I get it out the door ASAP to let her admire it, even if she can’t yet wear it?  I’m thinking I’ll hold on to it, because I’d rather she be able to use it when she gets it.

Yesterday James and I went to Angel Island with his old roommate, whom we keep in touch with (somewhat) but always seem to miss hanging out with.  We hiked to the top of Mt. Livermore and back, which took under 4 hours, including our picnic at the top, and lots of stopping on the way up.  There were some completely amazing views of San Francisco and the bridges.  I took lots of pictures, which will be up on my flickr in the next few days.  All in all, it was a really good hike, not too rough, except when James decided to take a shortcut coming down.  Dry, loose dirt and leaves on a steep hill lead to me sliding down the mountain and getting very angry.  I didn’t get a headache though (unlike our Muir Woods trip), and I also didn’t get sunburned, thanks to the $12 sunscreen we purchased after we got there.  So it was a good day.

I’ve been trying to compile a list of things I can make to sell on Etsy.  I need to get back into bookbinding and try and improve my sewing skills.  I’m a little intimidated at the thought of creating original things that people will actually wan to buy, but I think once I get back into being really creative I will gain more confidence.  I have several skills and I’d like to be able to use them.  A little extra income to help cover what I spend on craft supplies anyway, as well as a way to move all this stuff I like to make out of my house, will definitely be welcome.