let’s be honest. it’s not just a knitting blog. sure, that’s my main content, but i don’t like feeling constrained. i like other things too! lots of other things. and sometimes, i post about them. i want this to be a space where there’s no such thing as “off-topic”. i might trend toward certain categories from time to time, but i’d like this to be a space where i document what i do with my time, in how ever much detail i desire. a lot of it will still be knitting-related. some of it will be related to my other hobbies. i hope that it will all be interesting.

the title of the blog is my online identity. it’s been in the url, but the “yarn owl” title, while i liked it, really never fused with me. “if time exists” is my own, unique persona, and i like it. as a phrase, it questions something most of us take for granted. as a name, it reinforces my concern and fascination with such a question. as a title for a blog, i think it speaks to the multifaceted nature of my interests (will there ever be enough time to truly explore them all?), which i document and discuss here. and it makes my little corner of the internet just that more complete.

in other news, i got my ravelry invite! finally! i had all but given up hope. if you’re on it, it shouldn’t be hard to guess my username. and even if it is, there are links to my projects and queue over on the sidebar. for someone who likes to keep things organized and connected to each other, ravelry is pretty much the best thing ever. they have done a really good job so far of keeping everything connected and easy to find. i love that blog entries link to projects which link to everyone else doing the pattern or using the yarn and then you can go see the pictures and find a user’s flickr and their blog. it’s beautiful.

i am ridiculously close to finishing hot lava, ester is nearing completion, i frogged my half of an endpaper mitt, and i’ve got all kinds of things i can’t wait to start. my house is somewhat more organized. i saw sand sculptures. i also made yarn and started taking a yoga class. all these things, and more, to come.