J has a coworker/friend who has been enamored with the fact that i knit. ever since she found out, she has been talking about (in a jovial manner) becoming better friends with me so i would knit her something. she never made a request, other than it be something that i knit. i try not to knit on demand for people, but she really, earnestly wanted something. i could tell she would appreciate it. she is moving to japan next month to teach english, so at the last minute i whipped something up. she bought a slouchy beret in berkeley a few weeks ago that i was visually dissecting, and it looked great on her, so i decided to make something similar, because i knew she would wear it.



pattern: le slouch
yarn: malabrigo, purple gold, less than one skein
needles: US7 (ribbing) and US9 (rest) dpns
time: one day
mods: i didn’t check gauge, because i was in a hurry. i increased the initial stitch count for the ribbing because i didn’t have size 8 dpns. i kept number of body stitches the same, and i worked to the recommended 6 inches, but it didn’t come out very slouchy. it is beret-like, though.


i do like how it turned out, even without the slouch. seed stitch + variegated malabrigo = LOVE. i made a panta out of that yarn when i first got it, and while i liked the colors, i wasn’t crazy about how it looked in ribbing. but in seed stitch? so. beautiful. i love seed stitch anyway, and this just looks gorgeous. i still have nearly a full skein left, and whether i make another beret, or something else, it will definitely be in seed stitch.


the recipient was ecstatic. she’s left the area to stay with her parents for a month until she goes to japan, and i hope the hat reminds her of friends when she is feeling lonely across the ocean.