i spent most of my free time at work reorganizing my flickr. despite the lack of my camera and cable to upload more recent photos, i realized there were some photos of yarn and things on the opera server that for some reason, i decided not to post on flickr. and since i was making a whole set just for yarn & fiber porn, i went and brought those over. i made collections to house my new expanded sets, and now the link on the sidebar goes straight to the crafts collection. i didn’t like the look of the wordpress flickr widget, and for some reason, wordpress won’t display the supercool flash flickr badge you can make on the site. but now we have a mosaic anyway, so it’s prettier, and you don’t have to look at whatever random thing i just uploaded unless you want to.

i still haven’t started spinning but i did find some explanatory videos, and i’m getting more confident. i also found out about dixon lambtown, happening at the end of july, and i’m totally going! i’m going to try and sign up for the beginning spinning class, so even if i’ve already started on my own, i can get some tips from someone who knows what they’re doing. you have to register by mail though, so i don’t know if it’s full yet.

in anticipation of my new hobby i even ordered a pound of natural black roving (on sale!) from beaverslide. it was really just an add on to the wool i ordered to make a second, brown ester in case this one comes out too small. i have been working on ester almost exclusively during my downtime and lunch breaks at work. and look what i’ve been able to do:

in just one week, too! things have definitely started moving more slowly now, but it feels really good to see that many cables!

i have slight concerns that it might come out too small (someone on the kal had issues so now we’re all paranoid), because my unblocked gauge is a little too small and i can’t block it too severely without ruining the ribbing. but if it does come out small, i might see if keriann or someone else a little smaller than me wants it. and then i will make myself a tweedy brown one for autumn. one that fits.

other things are moving along as well. lately i just love spending nights in, watching a season of a tv show in 3 nights, and happily knitting away on one of the three sweaters i have going. time to tear myself away from the computer to do just that.