linen bagi finished this last week and have already got a few uses out of it. took it to the bjork concert full of lawn picnic supplies and it performed beautifully. i used exactly one skein of euroflax geneva (color: sandalwood). i modified the pattern just a little (added a bit of circumference). i stopped the length when i thought i had about enough yarn left, and ended up with less than a yard! whew! click the photo for more specific details on flickr.

i have been plugging away at wicked…we’ll call it the halfway point. i just decreased after the bust. i’m going to do a few inches of straight body, and then some hip increases. it’s only my second sweater, but i’m amazed at how confident i feel about shaping. doing this top down and trying it on is great (i’m a bit scared of doing a sweater in pieces, blindly) and using what i learned from the SKB and the tips in this pattern is fabulous. i’m still trying to decide on sleeve length…since it’s summer i’m leaning toward short sleeves, but i also think 3/4 length might be nice…we’ll see when the time comes.

i also just began my ester and made myself known in the KAL. i’m hoping to finish wicked soon, but i’ll be taking breaks by working ester. ideally, i’ll alternate the narrower bottom of ester with finished wicked, and by the time wicked is complete i’ll be ready to move on to the more time consuming portion of ester. it probably won’t work out that way, but i’d love to have them both done in the next month.

however, some new toys may be distracting me. my mom drove up my bass guitar, though i currently can’t do much with it because my amp isn’t working. i’m going to investigate that this weekend. also, look what i got in my first hello yarn order:

eek! i am a little afraid of it, but i’ll probably get started soon. i was trying to find some decent spinning videos online, but failing, so i might check out LJ and craftster to get some recommendations. i read through the instructions, but some visuals would really help me out. and i definitely don’t know anybody that spins.