found my camera charger!

artfibers kyoto

i got this last week when i went to artfibers to get some other yarn for the treeline striped cardigan. they were out of the color i wanted, and i couldn’t leave empty-handed. i think i’m going to make a simple spiral rib hat out of this…something that will get it noticed. the silk in this yarn makes the depth of colors absolutely amazing. i might have ended up with the most intense blue i have ever seen, but they only had cones of it in stock, and i couldn’t imagine what i would make with it.

my knitpicks order arrived so i have my yarn to start ester. i need to swatch first, but more importantly, i have a gift to finish before wednesday. i think ester will go quickly since it’s not a full-fledged sweater. i also found the forecast KAL and i have become really inspired to make it! i ordered a cheap bag of this fuschia yarn the other day and if i can get gauge with it i think that’s what it will become. otherwise, i’m bound to find a shade of cascade 220 down the line that will make me happy.

wicked is coming along, i’m getting close to finishing the raglan increases. i definitely need to finish that before i even think about forecast. wicked will be really satisfying when it’s done because i’ll be able to wear it right away, since it will be short sleeved (i think!) and it’s cotton. i can’t wait!