i wish i could post some pictures, but my camera died today before i uploaded anything, and i can’t find the charger!  how frustrating.  i’m pretty sure J moved it, but i have no idea where.  i even tried cleaning for awhile with no luck.  just for fun, though, here’s a picture of my favourite ride at disneyland that i look last month when we were there:


i am currently drinking my fourth roast attempt with my popcorn popper.  i’ve done two roasting sessions.  the first, was a little bit of a disaster.  i unknowingly used a coffee that produces a higher-than-average amount of chaff, and i discovered that my popper goes hot and fast.  both batches got pretty burned, in a short amount of time.  it was definitely confirmed the next day when i took it to starbucks and margie and i tested it out.  no good (but kudos to her for being my guinea pig!).

so last saturday, i tried again, after doing some research on the coffeegeek roasting forums.  i did a few simple things, like reducing the amount of beans from 1/2 cup to 1/3 cup, stirring them more at the beginning, and even turning the machine off for a few seconds if i thought things were moving too fast.  it extended my roast times slightly and resulted in some lighter beans.  i tried the first from that batch last tuesday, which was a lighter looking roast.  it came out ok, but with a very bright acidity.  today i am trying the darker of the two roasts (same bean: guatemala fraijanes – finca aqua tibia), which got a bit oily, which i didn’t intend, and was a bit worried about, but actually, i think this is the best of the batch!  i’m definitely getting some spice and chocolate notes.  still some brightness, but according to tom, that’s to be expected, and it’s not as tangy as before.  the lighter roast was still good (i.e., drinkable), but i’m enjoying this one more.  i have a bit left of the two, but not enough for my mini-press, so tomorrow i might try blending them together.

tonight or tomorrow i’m going to try a third round, this time with a 15-foot extension cord to help cut a little voltage.  eventually i will at least install a thermometer, but until i get access to a drill (and a little bravery), that’s going to have to wait.