i have officially ended my life (for now) as a barista, and entered the professional world. i was fortunate enough to start my first temp job a mere 3 days after my last day at starbucks. today was my first day. it went well!

as a receptionist at a software company with no foot traffic and very few phone calls, i have a lot of downtime. and i can do whatever i want at my desk for much of the day: like knitting! after busting ass for so much time for cranky people, this is a welcome change.

i have had a few rounds of startitis lately…i’m halfway through a net shopping bag and last night i purchased and cast on for wicked. i’m using the debbie bliss cotton dk i have laying around. since it’s a neutral color, and i’m going to omit the front pocket, i’m hoping it will be something suitable for work when i’m done.

i also cast on for the ene shawl from scarf style, after ripping out what little i had done of the victoria shawl (from VLT). i saw ene, and i loved it, and i wanted to make it for myself, and then i decided a triangular shawl would better suit my grandmother anyway. it also has the benefit of getting ever smaller, so the slowest progress is at the beginning. i’m only halfway through chart one (and i haven’t touched it in a week) but i’m feeling much better about it than victoria.

with this additional knitting time everyday, i’m hoping to at least finish my smaller projects. i have one that is taking priority right now, and maybe i’ll actually finish my feather & fan scarf sometime soon (not that i’ll be able to wear it). i’m not too far off on that one. right now i’m not worrying too much about the number of projects i have going, but just about how much i am enjoying knitting. and i am trying to get more satisfaction out of a project for a longer period of time. so ultimately, it should all come out for the better.