in the very recent past i had a difficult time understanding how one’s stash could become so large, filled with a sweater’s worth of many different yarns. why buy that much yarn unless you know what you’re going to use it for? and why buy it if you aren’t going to use it in the near future? i had heard arguments along the lines of it being a really good deal on that much yarn…that’s understandable, but it wasn’t really a complete explanation for me. however, since the completion of my first real sweater, i have been extremely enthusiastic about my next prospective sweaters. there are several options. and i start looking for yarn. i decide on a pattern and some yarn, i place my order, and before that yarn even arrives i’ve found another irresistible pattern that i must find yarn for, or at the very least, search for options. i get the yarn, and sometimes i decide i don’t like the pattern as much as i thought i did (case in point: dollar and a half cardigan). and things start to pile up.

right now, i have the DB cotton dk that was destined for the $1.50, but is now floating in stash purgatory; i have the wool needed for the treeline striped cardigan; i have enough of that reykjavik wool i got at stitches west to make a cute shrug; a barely started hot lava cardigan using 3 skeins of noro silver thaw; and i have manos and lamb’s pride destined for the two-toned ribbed shrug in fitted knits. plus my 3 balls of leftovers from the SKB. now, i suppose this isn’t really that bad. except that i’ve found a lovely lot of some queensland kathmandu DK on ebay that i’m tempted to buy for the somewhat cowl i’ve been plotting for months. and though i haven’t ordered anything from knitpicks yet, my next order will include some wool of the andes for knitty’s ester. i keep finding sweaters that i want to knit, and i get so excited that i just want to run out and buy the yarn immediately. i don’t really think there’s any shame in all this (yet), but i think i’m finally starting to understand how stashes can become so unruly!

i’m working on the hot lava, but i’m in no real hurry to finish it. i want to start the two-toned shrug, because it will be fairly quick, and good for chilly nights this summer. i just joined the ester kal, so i think a knitpicks order will be happening soon (and finally get that purse handle for amy’s purse so i can give it to her!). like i said, so far i find no shame in my sweater yarn lusts, but i can see that my stash will need extended storage space beyond my ikea toy box very soon.