my trip down south was really good. maybe i’ll put up a few pictures later. my mom gave me an early birthday present, so i would have something to open, because apparently the rest is coming from internet orders. i tried to wait until tomorrow, but after we got home from the airport and i started unpacking, i couldn’t wait anymore. the goods:

fitted knits by stefanie japel.
i hadn’t had the chance to look inside this book before i added it to my wishlist, but i am loving it. it’s got a ton of great patterns, and the best part is that a lot of them are made with less-expensive yarns, like cascade 220 and cascade pima tencel, which i really want to get my hands on after seeing the projects in this book.

sensational knitted socks by charlene schurch.
i hadn’t ever looked through this either, but i’ve heard such good things about it. this book is awesome, it gives you all the tools you need to create hundreds of socks out of any kind of yarn, for any size foot. it’s a mini stitch dictionary, and a complete technique book. i’ve already started a pair for my mom (after she told me how much she’d like knitted socks of her own). i’m using the corded rib stitch. i might use this opportunity to do a short row heel, or at least another kind of toe. i think i might make some houndstooth ones for my dad for father’s day, because my mom also said he really likes the ones i made him for xmas. i haven’t been that into knitting socks as of yet, but such enthusiam on the part of my recipients may change my attitude.

scarf style by pam allen
i have been lusting after this book for awhile, especially since seeing some gorgeous versions of the “backyard leaves scarf”. there are some real gems in here, and also some i would never knit. lots of good ideas though, and definitely worth it.

i am very happy with all my new books. my cascade 220 from WEBS also came in the mail while i was gone. i still want to use it for purlbee’s treeline stripied cardigan. i want to go to artfibers in san francisco and look at their tsuki yarn to use instead of kidsilk haze. however, i am also toying with the idea of just leaving the mohair strand out, in the interest of saving money. but an excuse to go to artfibers should be exploited, methinks.