it’s done!
i haven’t taken any pictures yet, as it’s currently blocking. it will be dry by tomorrow, and i’ll be able to take it to carlsbad with me.
i finished the knitting and end-weaving on easter evening while at michelle’s house for ham and jewish food (more to come on that subject…). her mom knits, and she was SO EXCITED about my sweater, despite this being the first time i’ve ever met her. in fact, she threatened to tie me up and steal it. fortunately for me, she didn’t. she did, however, show me lots of old japanese patterns she has. she’s chinese, and though she speaks fluent english, she says she can’t knit from english patterns. but japanese ones make sense because they have more diagrams and are laid out differently. that gives me courage to buy some japanese knitting books.

i am really excited to be done, but i also feel at a slight loss. for the past two weeks i have been working on almost nothing but that sweater, so it feels a little weird to not be pushing ahead at full speed and just doing some leisurely knitting. i enjoyed knitting the sweater, but when i get to the end of projects and i really want them to be done, i tend to get a little maniacal.

i haven’t started swatching for the $1.50 cardigan yet (i’m starting to have a few doubts based on what some people are saying about the pattern and its problems. i have the yarn already, and i do like the cardigan, but i also don’t want it to be a total pain in the ass. for now, i am settling with working on the victoria shawl for my grandmother, which i just barely started a few weeks ago. so far it’s slow going, but if i don’t get it done until the end of the summer, it’s just as well because it’s going to be too hot to wear anyway.