i am getting insanely close to finishing my simple knitted bodice. last night i picked up the stitches for the neckline and i’m halfway done with it. i originally intended to do the long sleeved version, but my dislike for the flared sleeves in the pattern, and the fact that it is spring, have convinced me that short sleeves are better. i’ve toyed with the idea of bringing the sleeves over the elbows, but not all the way to wrists, but for now, i think i’ll keep them at the shorter length. if i really think it’s necessary, i can always add on later.

i am really happy that i am more than meeting my goal of completing this before my birthday. it will even be ready to go on my vacation to san diego next week! and that means i’ll be able to start on the $1.50 cardigan. i’ll start with the sleeves because they’ll be easy to transport, and easy to rip back if i run into problems.

simple knitted bodice
this is a picture from over a week ago, obviously i have much more done now, but with as close as i am, i’m not going to take another picture until it’s done.