i got my cotton dk, which, as it turns out, is a lot less taupe and a lot more grey that i had supposed. i was a little disappointed at first, but i still like it, and my cardigan will still rock.

about a week ago i finished my victorian ruby. i still haven’t blocked it, but i have been wearing it out when the temperatures are a bit chilly. i’ve already received several compliments, and i love how fuzzy it is. mohair is a bitch to knit with, but the result (probably) makes it worth it.

pattern: victorian ruby, from victorian lace today, by jane sowerby
yarn: feza kid mohair, color 204
fiber: 85 mohair/8 nylon/7 polyester
amount: about 1.5 balls
needles: 24″ silverlume US7 circulars
time: about two months (off and on)
mods: i didn’t count the number of repeats in the long drop stitch section, i just knit until it was long enough, and until my colors would line up correctly for the second lace panel.

i will block at least the lace panels at some point. i’m not sure if the dropstitch section really needs it, because it will be so easily stretched out. but blocked or not, i’m loving it!