debbie bliss cotton dk #03so even though i had all but purchased my knitpicks cotlin, i still decided to browse around the internet a bit more before finalizing the purchase. on webs, i found some debbie bliss cotton dk on a pretty good closeout ($3.29/ball). the yarn looks like a good substitute (at least as good as cotlin), and one of the few available colors, a beautiful beige-taupe (shown at left), was just fabulous. being indecisive and thrifty, however, i searched around ebay and google to see if there were any other deals on it. just as i was starting to tire of my activity and go back to deciding if an extra $20 over the cost of cotlin for the project was worth it, i found a site that had a few colors of cotton dk in overstock, for $2.75/ball! even better, they were selling bags of it for $22.75! and as luck would have it, one of the four colors was my beloved #03. these things should clearly be taken as a sign from the knitting gods that a perfect yarn has been found.

the downside is that i haven’t yet ordered my yarn for ester, but seeing as how knitpicks wool of the andes isn’t likely to disappear anytime soon, i’m not worried. and that will only be costing me $15 as it is. and with all the other sweater plans in the works, ester will have to wait.