dollar and a halfyesterday i was at walmart (ugh) and i nabbed the last copy on their newsstand of interweave knits. today i was reading it and saw the dollar and a half cardigan. i’m in love! nothing else really inspired me that much, but this cardigan is gorgeous. so i started researching yarn online. in the process, i discovered that the recommended yarn, reynold’s soft linen, is new and somewhat hard to come by. i spend hours looking at other linen and cotton possibilities. i was on knitpicks, but shine worsted doesn’t seem to have the best yardage ever. so i was poking around yarndex, ebay, etc. at some point i decided to go back to knitpicks to check the total cost of what shine worsted would be. but the website looked different. i caught it immediately after an update! and there is a summer yarn on there, called cotlin. it seems there are a few people already using this for the very same sweater (as i discovered on the knitalong) because it was available about a month ago, and then removed, with the intention of bringing it back. i think i’ve decided on the “key lime” color. it was either that or “nightfall”, but i think i’d rather have something a bit brighter for spring/summer.

i am also on the verge of ordering several skeins of knitpicks wool of the andes for knitty’s ester. it is a such a cool little piece, and it will look smashing in the “sapphire heather” colorway.

all of this sweater excitement made me think of my simple knitted bodice. considering the number of smaller wips i have laying around, i realized that i have no business starting any sweaters before i finished the one i’m in the middle of. fortunately i will not order my TWO SWEATERS’ worth of yarn until tomorrow or monday (tomorrow is payday AND credit card statement day). i decided to make a pact with myself that not only will i refrain from beginning either dollar&ahalf or ester until the bodice is complete, that i will attempt to finish the bodice by my birthday, which is exactly 4 weeks from tomorrow. i am almost done with the body lace panel, so i think it’s entirely do-able if i stick to it. of course, i would also definitely like to have victorian ruby and james’ other cigar glove done by then as well. i think it’s possible.

if this plan works, not only will i have a new sweater in time for my birthday, i will also get the joy of casting on a new and exciting project. i think this $50 knitpicks order will count as my ‘birthday yarn’…basically i just want to justify this purchase.

wouldn’t it be great to be one of those awesome knitters who seems to be able to complete a sweater per month?