some time about two weeks ago i finished these. i had been wanting some lacy handwarmers, and when i saw yarn harlot’s, i knew i had found the perfect pattern.

pattern: delicato mitts
yarn: rauma finullgarn
needles: knitpicks 2.5mm dpns
mods: none

i loved the first one so much that i wore it around, michael jackson-style, for the 3 days it took to make the other one. i also started to give myself a blister because i was trying to knit the second one so quickly. eventually i resorted to wearing a bandaid on the weak spot. it worked beautifully.

today james took my computer to the apple store on his lunch break. apparently they have sent it off, and from what it sounds like, i won’t have to pay anything since it’s still under my extended apple protection plan. good thing i spent that extra $100 when i bought it! i probably won’t have it back until next week, but somehow, i’ll survive.