cigar glovei finished the first of the cigar gloves. james is really excited about it. i made him take it on and off about a million times last night while i was doing the fingers, to get them all the right length. the effort is definitely worth it, and i think that this pattern is designed very well. i think i like making gloves better starting with the cuff, rather than the fingers (like knucks). those fingers are a lot easier to work.

i stuck to my word and i’ve worked on victorian ruby a bit. it’s really not so bad,victorian ruby it’s just that i have to be concentrating on not messing up, with both the chart and the knitting itself. this mohair i’m using isn’t the easiest to maneuver, and the needles could probably be pointier. those k2tog’s and s2kp2’s just don’t happen very easily. but i got about a third of the lace panel done which makes me feel pretty accomplished.

victorian ruby

i am really anxious to be done with this scarf because a) it is going to be so pretty, and b) i really want to start my grandma’s shawl. today i was flipping through victorian lace today again, and i think i’ve finally REALLY decided on a pattern. whenever i go through it i always THINK i’ve picked one, but it’s still open for debate. now i think i’ve got it. it’s going to be the victoria shawl. it’s one of the patterns i haven’t paid much attention to, but for some reason, now it’s speaking to me.

i will not let myself cast on for this until i have completed ruby, but in order to give my excitement an outlet, i took the book over to fedex/kinkos and copied a bunch of the charts on project i will be doing at some point. i have been meaning to do this for awhile and i finally got around to it. i love the format and the pictures in the book, but it sure is a pain to have that huge thing spread out while you’re actually trying to knit something, instead of just ogling the pictures.

looking back, it seems that yesterday was my knit blog’s one year anniversary. happy anniversary!