my computer is on the fritz. the other day it refused to charge when plugged in. it’s not the charger, it has something to do with where you plug the charger into the computer. tomorrow is my day off so i’ll probably take it down to the apple store. it’s completely annoying. fortunately, i can use james’ computer. it just doesn’t have any of my bookmarks or patterns.

also this computer trouble means that i won’t have as many pictures. i guess i can upload them to james’ computer and still put them on flickr, and then delete them from the hard drive (because i know he doesn’t want to look at a bunch of knitting pictures all day). i just won’t be as motivated to do so. for some reason i’m usually reluctant to get out the camera anyway.

in the midst of my other projects, i started making james some cigar gloves. they are going really fast…i would have finished the first one last night (only the second night of working on them) except that i was tired and i fell asleep in the green chair. also i need him to be home so i can make the fingers all the right length.

maybe today/tonight i will try and get through a few more rows of victorian ruby. i am so close to being finished and i just want it to be done! most especially so i can start on my grandma’s shawl. right now i am leaning toward the alpine lace scarf.