i’ve moved again.

opera was making me tired. it required a lot of work to make things look nice, and even then they didn’t look all that nice. the photo hosting was nice, but seeing as how i have a flickr account, that’s not really so important. i’ve spent the past few hours customizing and importing, and i’ve gotta say, THIS IS AWESOME!

my old blogger posts i was able to import in about five seconds, which was especially great because i was never able to postdate them in opera. i had to manually move all the opera posts because it’s not supported here, but even that didn’t take too long. and it would have been even faster if the formatting hadn’t been all fucked up when pasting code. however, halfway through i realized i could just paste the finished entry, picture and all, into the visual edit box here, and voila! instant gratification.

being able to customize the sidebar is the real treat here. dragging and dropping whatever i like, and then discovering text widgets? it’s amazing. it took me about 40 minutes to set that all up, and the longest part was inputting my blogroll. i didn’t even have one of those on the old blog. i always wondered how everyone got theirs.

now my blog is beautiful and streamlined with flickr and i’m happy. hopefully i won’t be moving for a long while.