i finished my glampyre minisweater!yarn: tweedy teal irish wool from commodum in ireland. it’s some of the irish wool my mom got me for xmas.
needles: susan bates 24″ US9 circulars (aluminum)
time: one week…started tuesday feb. 20, finished last wednesday, i think?
other: button was found at stitches west. it’s actually an awesome burnt orange but the light is reflecting off of it
mods: this is my first “real” complete sweater. i modified the sleeves a little bit to tone down the ‘poof’ effect…they still have it a bit, just not as much, which is good. i also made them a tiny bit longer to suit my style. and i eliminated the triangle edging. not really my thing.

the bottom is just the tiniest bit loose under my bust. at first i thought of taking it out and staging some underarm decreases to compensate, but for now, i think i’ll leave it. i wore it the other night and it seemed pretty good. i need to add a second button on the inside to keep the other part of the front in place. since i wanted to wear it right away i just had it pinned, but i’ll just add a simple loop to hook onto a smaller button.
overall i’m happy with it, especially since it took so little time! i’m glad i persevered and got it done quickly.

i also finished the plain jane slippers for amy’s mom really fast. i needed to have them done by saturday because her mom was coming down from SR for her housewarming party. i finished them thursday, and then guess what i did? forgot them, of course. as soon as i walked in and saw her, i practically smacked myself in the head. she had no idea they were coming, but we ended up telling her about them later. she is really excited about them (she was always trying to steal amy’s).

yarn: cascade quatro in a purple colorway
needles: bamboo US6 dpns
time: about 4 days
other: buttons came from stitches west…see previous post
mods: this being my fourth pair, i’m pretty familiar with the pattern. i like most of it, but this time i shortened the strap just a little because they always seem to fit a little bigger than desired (i.e. you always have to wear socks to get them to stay on). on MY feet this seemed to help, but we’ll see how they work on the recipient’s.

i made this awhile ago, but i kept forgetting to photograph it. it’s a cozy for a set of wii controllers. i made up a simple pattern myself. we have two sets now so i need to make another. it has come in quite handy so far for keeping them together and easy to find. that is, when i can get james to put them inside it.
yarn: irish wool from my trip to ireland
needles: bamboo US7 dpns
button: beverlys
one of these days i’ll type up my pattern in case anyone finds this and wants to make it.

lastly, i finally started making the scarf i’ve been dreaming about from the mountain colors wool and mohair that my cousin/aunt got me for xmas. i settled on doing a feather and fan pattern to add to the textural interest. i also added a few beads along the cast on to class it up a little. so far i love how it’s turning out. this is my current portable project to do at work and such. i have over twice this much done now, but you get the idea.