March 2007

debbie bliss cotton dk #03so even though i had all but purchased my knitpicks cotlin, i still decided to browse around the internet a bit more before finalizing the purchase. on webs, i found some debbie bliss cotton dk on a pretty good closeout ($3.29/ball). the yarn looks like a good substitute (at least as good as cotlin), and one of the few available colors, a beautiful beige-taupe (shown at left), was just fabulous. being indecisive and thrifty, however, i searched around ebay and google to see if there were any other deals on it. just as i was starting to tire of my activity and go back to deciding if an extra $20 over the cost of cotlin for the project was worth it, i found a site that had a few colors of cotton dk in overstock, for $2.75/ball! even better, they were selling bags of it for $22.75! and as luck would have it, one of the four colors was my beloved #03. these things should clearly be taken as a sign from the knitting gods that a perfect yarn has been found.

the downside is that i haven’t yet ordered my yarn for ester, but seeing as how knitpicks wool of the andes isn’t likely to disappear anytime soon, i’m not worried. and that will only be costing me $15 as it is. and with all the other sweater plans in the works, ester will have to wait.


dollar and a halfyesterday i was at walmart (ugh) and i nabbed the last copy on their newsstand of interweave knits. today i was reading it and saw the dollar and a half cardigan. i’m in love! nothing else really inspired me that much, but this cardigan is gorgeous. so i started researching yarn online. in the process, i discovered that the recommended yarn, reynold’s soft linen, is new and somewhat hard to come by. i spend hours looking at other linen and cotton possibilities. i was on knitpicks, but shine worsted doesn’t seem to have the best yardage ever. so i was poking around yarndex, ebay, etc. at some point i decided to go back to knitpicks to check the total cost of what shine worsted would be. but the website looked different. i caught it immediately after an update! and there is a summer yarn on there, called cotlin. it seems there are a few people already using this for the very same sweater (as i discovered on the knitalong) because it was available about a month ago, and then removed, with the intention of bringing it back. i think i’ve decided on the “key lime” color. it was either that or “nightfall”, but i think i’d rather have something a bit brighter for spring/summer.

i am also on the verge of ordering several skeins of knitpicks wool of the andes for knitty’s ester. it is a such a cool little piece, and it will look smashing in the “sapphire heather” colorway.

all of this sweater excitement made me think of my simple knitted bodice. considering the number of smaller wips i have laying around, i realized that i have no business starting any sweaters before i finished the one i’m in the middle of. fortunately i will not order my TWO SWEATERS’ worth of yarn until tomorrow or monday (tomorrow is payday AND credit card statement day). i decided to make a pact with myself that not only will i refrain from beginning either dollar&ahalf or ester until the bodice is complete, that i will attempt to finish the bodice by my birthday, which is exactly 4 weeks from tomorrow. i am almost done with the body lace panel, so i think it’s entirely do-able if i stick to it. of course, i would also definitely like to have victorian ruby and james’ other cigar glove done by then as well. i think it’s possible.

if this plan works, not only will i have a new sweater in time for my birthday, i will also get the joy of casting on a new and exciting project. i think this $50 knitpicks order will count as my ‘birthday yarn’…basically i just want to justify this purchase.

wouldn’t it be great to be one of those awesome knitters who seems to be able to complete a sweater per month?

some time about two weeks ago i finished these. i had been wanting some lacy handwarmers, and when i saw yarn harlot’s, i knew i had found the perfect pattern.

pattern: delicato mitts
yarn: rauma finullgarn
needles: knitpicks 2.5mm dpns
mods: none

i loved the first one so much that i wore it around, michael jackson-style, for the 3 days it took to make the other one. i also started to give myself a blister because i was trying to knit the second one so quickly. eventually i resorted to wearing a bandaid on the weak spot. it worked beautifully.

today james took my computer to the apple store on his lunch break. apparently they have sent it off, and from what it sounds like, i won’t have to pay anything since it’s still under my extended apple protection plan. good thing i spent that extra $100 when i bought it! i probably won’t have it back until next week, but somehow, i’ll survive.

cigar glovei finished the first of the cigar gloves. james is really excited about it. i made him take it on and off about a million times last night while i was doing the fingers, to get them all the right length. the effort is definitely worth it, and i think that this pattern is designed very well. i think i like making gloves better starting with the cuff, rather than the fingers (like knucks). those fingers are a lot easier to work.

i stuck to my word and i’ve worked on victorian ruby a bit. it’s really not so bad,victorian ruby it’s just that i have to be concentrating on not messing up, with both the chart and the knitting itself. this mohair i’m using isn’t the easiest to maneuver, and the needles could probably be pointier. those k2tog’s and s2kp2’s just don’t happen very easily. but i got about a third of the lace panel done which makes me feel pretty accomplished.

victorian ruby

i am really anxious to be done with this scarf because a) it is going to be so pretty, and b) i really want to start my grandma’s shawl. today i was flipping through victorian lace today again, and i think i’ve finally REALLY decided on a pattern. whenever i go through it i always THINK i’ve picked one, but it’s still open for debate. now i think i’ve got it. it’s going to be the victoria shawl. it’s one of the patterns i haven’t paid much attention to, but for some reason, now it’s speaking to me.

i will not let myself cast on for this until i have completed ruby, but in order to give my excitement an outlet, i took the book over to fedex/kinkos and copied a bunch of the charts on project i will be doing at some point. i have been meaning to do this for awhile and i finally got around to it. i love the format and the pictures in the book, but it sure is a pain to have that huge thing spread out while you’re actually trying to knit something, instead of just ogling the pictures.

looking back, it seems that yesterday was my knit blog’s one year anniversary. happy anniversary!

my computer is on the fritz. the other day it refused to charge when plugged in. it’s not the charger, it has something to do with where you plug the charger into the computer. tomorrow is my day off so i’ll probably take it down to the apple store. it’s completely annoying. fortunately, i can use james’ computer. it just doesn’t have any of my bookmarks or patterns.

also this computer trouble means that i won’t have as many pictures. i guess i can upload them to james’ computer and still put them on flickr, and then delete them from the hard drive (because i know he doesn’t want to look at a bunch of knitting pictures all day). i just won’t be as motivated to do so. for some reason i’m usually reluctant to get out the camera anyway.

in the midst of my other projects, i started making james some cigar gloves. they are going really fast…i would have finished the first one last night (only the second night of working on them) except that i was tired and i fell asleep in the green chair. also i need him to be home so i can make the fingers all the right length.

maybe today/tonight i will try and get through a few more rows of victorian ruby. i am so close to being finished and i just want it to be done! most especially so i can start on my grandma’s shawl. right now i am leaning toward the alpine lace scarf.

i’ve had a few FOs in the past few days. the ones i have pictures of are the older ones.

zissou hatthis is the team zissou hat i made for james. it’s simple 1×1 ribbing. i frogged the decreases once, because i didn’t make it long enough to turn up the brim. i just started eunny’s endpaper mitts, and i’m wishing i had known about the tubular cast on that i used for that before i started making this hat. but i know james doesn’t care, and it still looks pretty good. now we need to get him a patch to go on it.

pattern: my own
yarn: knitpicks swish superwash in red pepper
needles: addi turbo 16″ US7 circulars

beaded stitch markers

these are the beaded stitch markers i made a few nights ago. i used memory wire and small beads. i got the idea from glampyre knits. so far they have been a million times better to use that my old plastic split-ring ones. i was getting really tired of those.

i’ve made it to the lace panel on the simple knitted bodice, and i’ve only done a few rows on the last panel on victorian ruby. i’ve finished a few other things, including a sewing project today, but we’ll save those for another time when i have pictures. as i mentioned above, i also finally started eunny’s endpaper mitts. so far they are turning out lovely.

james just got a bike, so as soon as he gets home we are going to enjoy an evening bike ride! i love daylight saving time.

i’ve moved again.

opera was making me tired. it required a lot of work to make things look nice, and even then they didn’t look all that nice. the photo hosting was nice, but seeing as how i have a flickr account, that’s not really so important. i’ve spent the past few hours customizing and importing, and i’ve gotta say, THIS IS AWESOME!

my old blogger posts i was able to import in about five seconds, which was especially great because i was never able to postdate them in opera. i had to manually move all the opera posts because it’s not supported here, but even that didn’t take too long. and it would have been even faster if the formatting hadn’t been all fucked up when pasting code. however, halfway through i realized i could just paste the finished entry, picture and all, into the visual edit box here, and voila! instant gratification.

being able to customize the sidebar is the real treat here. dragging and dropping whatever i like, and then discovering text widgets? it’s amazing. it took me about 40 minutes to set that all up, and the longest part was inputting my blogroll. i didn’t even have one of those on the old blog. i always wondered how everyone got theirs.

now my blog is beautiful and streamlined with flickr and i’m happy. hopefully i won’t be moving for a long while.

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