amy and i went to stitches west on sunday! this was my first time at any kind of event like this. i didn’t take any classes…i was just there to shop. also two months ago when i looked at the schedule nearly all the classes were full already. oh well. i got lots of amazing stuff, and all for under $80!

at one of our first stops we found these buttons. i was, of course, irresistably drawn to the tealy-ness of the ones on the top. the matching burnt orange one i got to go on my nearly-finished minisweater (picture to come later in the post…). the purple ones on the bottom amy got to go on the plain jane slippers i am knitting for her mom. they match the cascade quatro almost TOO perfectly. they’re amazing.

i got this awesome african fabric at this random booth that was selling handwoven baskets. amy got a basket, but since i really don’t need ANOTHER container to put “things” (anything!) in, i stuck to fabric. it’s half a yard of each. i have no idea what i will do with them, but for now i am content just to look at them. maybe i’ll cut them smaller and frame them. i also had a fleeting thought of ironing them into some origami.

i got this HUGE (700+ yard) skein of icelandic wool at interlacements. it was only $20! it’s called “reykjavik” (the icelandic capital) and the smell of lanolin on it is intoxicating. it’s a bit scratchy, but a soak in some hair conditioner will hopefully soften it up. right now i am thinking of turning it into a hot lava cardigan.

our last stop was the habu booth, which was AWESOME. i have only seen a few of their yarns at article pract. i got these two cones of ramie yarn (a natural fiber somewhat like linen). i might make some kind of simple lacy scarf or wrap from this, but we’ll see. the best part about it is the silky sheen it has, instead of the matte appearance of cotton and linen.

i also got some 5″ US3 brittany birch dpns and a US2 circular so i can do the lace panel on my simple knitted bodice, which has been on hold because i didn’t have the right needle that i needed. it was great to have virtually every needle size imaginable available all in one place.

i am nearly done with my glampyre minisweater! i started it exactly a week ago. i want to finish it before i get back to work on the simple knitted bodice or start any other of the various projects i have in mind. last night i cast off the bottom and started the sleeves, which are pretty short. though, with the amount of yarn i have they could be a little longer. i’m going to knit a bit and see what i like. with any luck (i.e. not too many distractions from J or K) i will finish knitting it tonight!