today i had one of the worst headaches of my life. we were at target and i started getting a caffeine headache. ok, that’s to be expected, i only had a few sips yesterday (yes, i am addicted). so after target on our way home we stopped in the emeryville sbux. at this point it is really starting to hurt. not pound, really, but something like waves of pain. i drink my coffee, and i wait for it to kick in. nothing changes. i somehow drive 20 more minutes to get home. i stumble up the stairs and collapse on the bed. the pain was so bad i wanted to puke. james rubbed my back a little and i took 3 aleves and i managed to fall asleep. when i woke up an hour later it was a little better, but it still hurt too much to do anything but sit on the couch. so i popped a 100mg caffeine pill and hopped in the shower. after that things finally started to improve. now i am functioning like normal, but DAMN. that was horrible.

in knitting news, i have been productive and completely ADD. i am very nearly done with victorian ruby. the other day i finished the main scarf section and just barely started the other lace panel. however, following a chart means that instead of mindless dropstitch knitting it is back to only knitting it when i can concentrate. it will be done soon, though. i have also reached the lace panel portion of my simple knitted bodice. i had to swatch some more to figure out what needle size i need. 4s (recommended) are way too big, so were 3s, and even 2s don’t quite get it right. however, i refuse to knit light worsted weight with 1s, so i have decreased a few repeats to do the lace panel so it won’t be huge. i just need to get some 24″ US2 circs. i was going to order them online, but instead i have decided to hunt for them at STITCHES WEST on sunday!

amy agreed to go with me so today i bought the tickets online. i was going to go even if it was alone, but i’m glad amy is coming because it will be way more fun. i am going to take out some cash, probably $50-60, and not spend more than that. i don’t really NEED yarn for anything, but i might like to buy one or two pretty skeins to ‘enhance’ my stash. plus those needles. we’ll see how it goes.

since victorian ruby requires concentration again, and i am at a temporary halt on the bodice, i started glampyre’s minisweater/boobholder with the teal wool my mom got me in ireland. i should have just barely enough for it. i’m really happy to be doing something with it. i still have 250g of the red that is unassigned. maybe i’ll felt something with it. i’m knitting this minisweater as fast as i can manage so i don’t have another random WIP sitting around.

i have a few other small things sitting around that maybe i’ll document later when i a) feel like taking pictures and b) want to feel ridiculous about how many i actually have.

more updates, and pictures, after sunday!