i certainly did not mean to go so long without posting, but i guess i’ve been busy. i had a friend staying on my couch for three weeks, my sister visited, i finally rewrote my resume, and i’ve been slowly cleaning and reorganizing my apartment. and, of course, knitting.i’m in the middle of several things, as usual. a red zissou hat for james, which is temporarily on hold, because it turns out that one skein of swish superwash is NOT enough, as i had hoped. then there’s the random dishcloths i would like to have done already. i am making slow but steady progress on the drop stitch portion of “victorian ruby”. during the superbowl i powered through over 10 repeats. i finally got my scale a few weeks ago, so i figured out that i used a little under 10 grams for the lacy end. at a total of 50 grams of yarn, that gives me a maximum of 30 gram to use for the body of the scarf. i don’t know if i’ll need that much, but maybe i’ll just make it extra long.

and then, there’s this. i’ve gone and started my first sweater! the pattern is stitch diva’s simple knitted bodice, and the yarn is classic elite classic silk. grumperina has been raving about and it looked great for this pattern so i decided to give it a try. i completed the yoke two nights ago, and i have a few more body rows before i start the lace paneling. however, before i am allowed to start the lace, i have to make another swatch to figure out what size needle i need for that section. the recommended needle sizes are not working out for me (i’m knitting the main part on 6s instead of 7s). whether i use 2s or 3s for the lace section, i’m going to need to buy some 24″ circs in that size, but i figured i could swatch on what i already have.

in other crafty news, i just redid our dining chairs. last month at the big IKEA sale we got these plain, light wood, white cushioned chairs for cheap. we really needed new chairs, and i knew i could spruce them up. so with some shiny chinese-inspired fabric (in my favourite color, of course), a staple gun, and some gold spraypaint, we have a huge improvement. i love them!

i have been on a big home improvement/redecorating stint. i bought some fabric to create some curtain/shade things for our living room windows. i’m going to base them on these simple blinds. after my very few adventures in sewing, i’m feeling like i can do anything. and anyway, all i have to do is sew some straight lines. really long straight lines.