today i spent several hours figuring out how to use my new sewing machine, and making myself a dpn case! it took more time that it should have, but i actually managed to figure it out. last weekend i went to joann’s to buy some basic sewing supplies, and i got this selection of fabric destined for my case. i have been a little bit terrified at the prospect of it all, but i had all day off, and james was working, so i decided to tackle it. the machine is slightly less scary that i thought. i have used a sewing machine all of two times that i can remember…once when i was around 10 (and it was a terrible experience), and another to make fabric lining in some books i made two years ago…that wasn’t as bad, but my mom was there to tell me how to do everything. this time i was all on my own, fortunately with a user’s manual. so i figure it out, and this is what i made:

i am quite proud of myself! j has made fun of me for two reasons: (1) that i need another needle case after his mom gave me a lovely one for xmas, and (2) that i used four different fabrics on one case. i have tried to explain that this case if for different needles (he knows these are the ones that stick out all crazy because i use 4 or 5 at a time), but he still doesn’t get it. and the fabric choice is my own creative direction, so i don’t really care that much. i think it’s great, and i am completely impressed that i managed to pull it off. imagine! i can sew straight lines!

i am still going to be adding a flap to the top to keep needles in, and i need to figure out my closure method, but for now, it’s functional. and in a few days, i will have THREE more sets of dpns to put in here. tiny metal dpns from knitpicks so i can knit socks and endpaper mitts and whatever else i want.

in other news, i have been working on the “victorian ruby” scarf in victorian lace today. it is going slowly in the extremely fuzzy mohair blend i am using, and my attempts to not screw up because this stuff is impossible to frog, but it is coming out nicely so far. i’m a little over halfway done with the first wide border, and then i will be in the easy drop stitch part, so i won’t be limited to working on it when i know i can concentrate. i am enjoying working on this so far, and i really want to start my grandma’s shawl (if i can ever settle on a pattern), but fortunately i am waiting for my knitpicks order that has lots of pointy needles before that is even a possibility. but they will come sometime next week…then i don’t know if i can put it off any longer. happy new year!