January 2007

i finished my stripey hat! i had to add pink to the mix because i didn’t have as much blue as i thought, and halfway through it became clear that i would not have enough. but i’m pretty sure the pink just makes it more awesome. while it is loosely based on the noro hat pattern, i did fewer repeats of the purl sections, and i speeded up the decreases because i didn’t want a tall pointy hat. when i wear it, the hat stretches to show the black of the knit stitches in between, instead of only showing the purl sections. i like it a lot, and the timing was only slightly overdue. it has been SO COLD around here for the past week. i’ve been wearing this hat everywhere i go.

i have finished the cuff of my first jaywalker, and i’m on the heel flap. this is my first sock with actual sock yarn and tiny needles, so the going is a little slower, but it’s not too bad so far. the jaywalker pattern is fun and easy to do at work. the yarn i’m using for this (i’ll look it up later) is a little rough…it’s mostly superwash wool with some nylon for strength. on the ball it felt ok but knitting it feels a little more abrasive. but hopefully it will soften up a bit with a wash. pretty soon i’m going to making J some socks out of merino wool so that be a nice change. my hands are torn up anyway from work and how dry it has been.

last friday amy and i went shopping for a few hours to pick up some essentials. since i didn’t finish her purse in time for xmas, i showed it to her in its partially-done state and we decided she could pick out the lining fabric and everything. so she decided on a jungle theme. if i can figure out how to do lining, those four ingredients in the picture will make a lovely purse. we’ll see.

she also bought a purple skein of cascade quatro so i can make her mom some of the ever-popular plain jane slippers. this will be my fourth pair! i’ll get started on those in a bit when i have some more progress done on the socks. crystal has also been asking me if i can make some baby booties and possibly pants for some pregnant friend of hers. she said she’ll buy the yarn but we’ll see if it ever pans out. i was thinking i could do those little devil pants from stitch n bitch. it might be fun, but i need to be careful about saying yes to doing so many projects for people i know. gonna have to start charging beyond yarn.


yesterday before work i finished the first lace panel of “victorian ruby” from VLT. i was a little worried about the bind off being too tight, so i looked in the glossary to see if they had any suggestions, and there was something called the “suspended bind off” which i used because it said it makes it “very difficult to bind off too tight”. it still seems a little tighter than the crochet cast on, but it doesn’t seem to affect the hang of the scarf.next i have to pick up the stitches along the top and start the long drop stitch section. at least it will not require as much concentration. two days ago when i was working on it, i was getting really excited that i was almost finished with the panel. so excited, in fact, that i wasn’t paying attention to part of the chart, and was continuing on in the same fashion that i had been, and realized about 6 rows too late that things had changed. i contemplated what the best course of action was: 1) just leave it and try and deal with the mistake, 2) try and frog mohair and probably ruin the whole thing, or 3) painstakingly undo each stitch until the point where i started doing the chart wrong. obviously, i chose option 3, because the misktake would have been way too obvious, and i wasn’t about to have a mohair tangle on my hands. it didn’t take as long asi thought it would, only about an hour, but it was a little scary during the process because i was dropping stitches on the way, and losing my way with the yarnovers a little. but by the 6th row i had it figured out, and now i’m much happier than i took the time to fix it.

the other night i was inspired by the pink&black hat on this post on LJ punk_knitters. she used this pattern, but changed colors instead of using striping noro. i decided this was a good use for some plymouth encore i’ve had laying around, so the other night i started my own version of the hat. i’ve altered the pattern a little more because i don’t like those stripes that show up when you change colors while purling. so all those are hidden inside, the stripes on the outside will look nice and seamless.

i just spent a little while updating my flickr portfolio of finished objects. though i have most of my craft pictures on opera for ease of posting on this blog, i decided it’s a good idea to keep a version of the finished portfolio on flickr because i love the layout and presentation. so i put all the pictures of i have of stuff i’ve done in the last few months. i really need to get better about photographing everything.

in that endeavor, today i took pictures of a dishcloth i just made, and calorimetry. enjoy!

this is so awesome, and the most ridiculously easy thing i have ever seen.

today i spent several hours figuring out how to use my new sewing machine, and making myself a dpn case! it took more time that it should have, but i actually managed to figure it out. last weekend i went to joann’s to buy some basic sewing supplies, and i got this selection of fabric destined for my case. i have been a little bit terrified at the prospect of it all, but i had all day off, and james was working, so i decided to tackle it. the machine is slightly less scary that i thought. i have used a sewing machine all of two times that i can remember…once when i was around 10 (and it was a terrible experience), and another to make fabric lining in some books i made two years ago…that wasn’t as bad, but my mom was there to tell me how to do everything. this time i was all on my own, fortunately with a user’s manual. so i figure it out, and this is what i made:

i am quite proud of myself! j has made fun of me for two reasons: (1) that i need another needle case after his mom gave me a lovely one for xmas, and (2) that i used four different fabrics on one case. i have tried to explain that this case if for different needles (he knows these are the ones that stick out all crazy because i use 4 or 5 at a time), but he still doesn’t get it. and the fabric choice is my own creative direction, so i don’t really care that much. i think it’s great, and i am completely impressed that i managed to pull it off. imagine! i can sew straight lines!

i am still going to be adding a flap to the top to keep needles in, and i need to figure out my closure method, but for now, it’s functional. and in a few days, i will have THREE more sets of dpns to put in here. tiny metal dpns from knitpicks so i can knit socks and endpaper mitts and whatever else i want.

in other news, i have been working on the “victorian ruby” scarf in victorian lace today. it is going slowly in the extremely fuzzy mohair blend i am using, and my attempts to not screw up because this stuff is impossible to frog, but it is coming out nicely so far. i’m a little over halfway done with the first wide border, and then i will be in the easy drop stitch part, so i won’t be limited to working on it when i know i can concentrate. i am enjoying working on this so far, and i really want to start my grandma’s shawl (if i can ever settle on a pattern), but fortunately i am waiting for my knitpicks order that has lots of pointy needles before that is even a possibility. but they will come sometime next week…then i don’t know if i can put it off any longer. happy new year!