i am not completing things as quickly as i would like, but i am still completing things. last week i finished the first of the cabled footies for j’s dad. after that i started an armwarmer (undisclosed recipient) and i finally finished it yesterday. so that’s halves on two projects. i’m ready to start the next footie but i realized i need to get cracking on mom’s cozy, which has sort of been on hold for the last month since we came back from our trip, in favor of smaller and more exciting projects. however, after i did the finishing on the armwarmer last night i did a few rows on it, finishing the third skein and starting the fourth. it is just long enough to wrap to my shoulders. i know i’ll need to go into the 5th skein but maybe not need to finish it to get the length right. my mom is shorter than me too so i don’t want her swimming in it. i can’t be finishing it at the last minute because this is one project i’ll actually be blocking!

i found out who my family gift recipient is: drake, my baby second cousin whom i’ve never met. he’s around 3, and he lives in arizona. at first i thought i could make him a quick little baby hat, but since he lives in a warmer climate, i want something that will get a little more use. so i think i’ll be making him a dinosaur toy! i think i will make him mr. stegs, and i just showed them to james and he wants trice. trice will probably not happen until after xmas (that after-xmas list is starting to get really long too).

my pre-xmas list also continues to grow, but i think it’s still managable. i’m still waiting for my knitpicks yarn but i’m in no rush for it because i need to complete at least one project that i’m in the middle of before i start amy’s purse. i currently have five gifts (armwarmers, hat, cozy, chain, footies) on the needles right now. and i have…dinosaur, purse…oh good, that’s only two, that have to be done before xmas that i haven’t started. there’s a few other things, like james’ convertible mittens and zissou hat, that can wait until after. having counted that up…i think i can actually do all that in time! four weeks from yesterday. i can do this.