AAHHHH! ok, i know i said yesterday that i wasn’t going to buying yarn for awhile, but i just placed a knitpicks order. however, it was necessary. or partially necessary. but when there’s $40 free shipping, one is logically inclined to add a few extras instead of pay shipping fees.

so, the most important thing i got was bulky green yarn for amy’s cabled bag. the present list just keeps getting longer. this project shouldn’t take too long, though. and i know she is totally going to love it. i will still need to find something to line it with (my first lining of a purse), but that will take no time at all once it is knit. that yarn accounted for $20 of the order, which just chalks up to xmas gift money that would have been spent anyway.

i also got two skeins each in two colors of ‘essential’. i have been wanting to try this yarn for awhile, and i almost ordered some before i decided on the thuja sock pattern for my dad, which uses worsted weight yarn. before actually placing the order, when i was still mulling over if getting the ‘essential’ was worth it, i didn’t have any specific plans for the yarn, but then someone on the punk_knitters lj community was asking for knitty’s red herring sock pattern and i realized the two shades of blue i wanted in ‘essential’ would be perfect for those. so once xmas is over and done with, i have two pairs of socks planned for myself, red herring and jaywalker.

that all only put me at $31 (knit picks is so CHEAP!) so i started browsing the books because i figured i didn’t need anymore yarn, especially after yesterday. i was lusting after a cable stitch dictionary that was closer to $20 than $10, but then i found the knitting answer book for only $9. i’ve been wanting that for awhile just to have a good (and more portable) reference for when i don’t have the internet easily accessible. voila! $40 was reached!

but now i’m really not allowed to buy yarn for awhile unless it is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY for someone’s gift. no more! fortunately i do have plans for much of the yarn that i’m acquired, and even plans for yarn that has been sitting around for many months. i have no lack of projects for after the gift knitting is done.

i’m up to 14 links on the felted chain. this picture is clearly less than that but you can get the idea of how it’s coming along. i have been taking this project with me a lot lately to knit during breaks at work, etc, and knitting a chain seems to get many strange reactions. most people want to know why i’d knit such a thing, and upon learning it’s for a friend who was excited about a knitted chain he saw, still want to know what one might do with it. brian said it was “kinky”. i think it’s supercool and i bet keith will too. i can’t wait to see it felted.