so after i got off work today i went a grabbed my tips from starbucks #2 and headed to yarn! in alameda to investigate the liquidation sale. unfortunately it seems their last day of business is saturday. i am a bit sad because it was nice to have an LYS in alameda, but it certainly wasn’t my favourite so i won’t miss it all that much. the prices were definitely nothing to be excited about. except TODAY, because the sale means that everything is 40% off. i wasn’t plannig on buying much yarn from now until xmas, except anything else i might need for presents (CERTAINLY nothing for myself), but when yarn (or really anything) is 40% off, you can’t pass it up. so i got a few things.
ok, so i do have intended use for a little of it. the three fuzzy balls of mohair are feza kid mohair that i will probably use to make sweaterknit candleholders like at anthropologie. the other six skeins are rauma finull-garn in three lovely colors. i don’t really have any plans for this, but i have some in from awhile ago in blue and grey and a little green, so i’m sure i will figure something out. i got all this yarn for $33 with tax! can’t complain much there.
the last thing i bought was at the needlepoint store near my house. since my scissors got confiscated in iceland i’ve been needing some new ones, especially when i take the felted chain around to work on. so i got these awesome peacock design sewing scissors. they are so pretty!

those are my acquisitions. onto more knitting!