this time of year, time seems to fly so quickly! i knit away on my various present projects, but sometimes it seems as if they will never all be done.

i am nearing the end of the first cabled footie, just working the body of the foot until it is long enough. i’ve also been working on the chain i’m making for keithy, which i realized the other day needs to be done asap because i am sending him a thanksgiving package to london. at this point, with thanksgiving now a week away, it surely won’t get there in time (because there’s no way i’m paying to rush ship it), but he can have his stuffing and cranberry sauce a little late. the links go pretty fast, but it is one of those projects where i only do one or two in small sittings. and i want this chain to be long enough to do awesome things with. so i need to get crackin. i also really need to get some new sewing scissors (after mine were confiscated at the reykavik airport) so i can cut my work when i need to. today on BART i had to stop knitting when i finished binding off a link because i couldn’t cut it free from the skein.

i think when i finish the first cabled footie i will start one of my upcoming armwarmers, and then alternate footie and armwarmer. that way i keep things more interesting for me. but i am not allowed to start any armwarmers until this first footie is done. that’s a firm rule.

chunky cables are in. really any cables. amy loves this chunky cabled purse from club monaco so now i’m thinking i should make her a cabled purse for xmas. the list of projects just keeps growing. though it’s nice to think that most of my xmas shopping involves yarn stores.

that reminds me. today we drove by yarn! in alameda and there was a big sign in the window that said “LIQUIDATION SALE”. i am so going there tomorrow when i get off work. omg.