i really should try and update this thing more than once a week (or longer). because i certainly do enough knitting!

i successfully completed my first pair of socks. they are the thuja socks, from knitty. i started them as soon as i got my yarn from WEBS, and finished the second one last night. things i learned: the basic construction of a sock, picking up stitches, turning a heel/working the gusset, and grafting! i liked this pattern, since it was in worsted weight it went quite quickly. the seed stitch ribbing is very nice. i didn’t really have any trouble with any parts, even though this was my first sock. the instructions were all very good and turning a heel isn’t so scary. there’s a closeup off the gusset, with the stitches i picked up along the flap.

the thuja socks are for my dad for xmas. i hope he likes them.

on friday i was in the city with james when he had a split shift at work. we went to MOMA and saw the anselm keifer exhibit. afterwards, we had some time, and i needed to go to imagiknit to pick up a few things, so james agreed to come with me! i got one skein of cascade 200 that is two tones of grey, to make keith a felted chain. i also got US9 dpns, and a skein of lamb’s pride worsted superwash, to makes james’ dad some house socks. james said his dad would like socks because his feet are perpetually cold. so, i started the cabled footies, from one skein, yesterday after doing the finishing on the thuja socks. here’s what i have done so far. they are coming along quickly and the cabling is looking really nice. i think i am going to make myself a pair as soon as possible.

as you can see, i’ve just finished the gusset. i am hoping they will turn out all right because i am using 7s instead of 8s (because i just bought the 9s, which made the knit fabric too thin, and i already had 7s, so i didn’t want to spend another $10 on needles right now), and the stitch gauge is slightly smaller, but i think they will be ok, just fit a little snugger. the row gauge doesn’t matter too much (and is close to spot on anyway), because i can make the foot as long as i want. for fun, here’s a closeup of the cables.

other than that, i have started the felted chain, completing 4 links yesterday, mostly while on breaks from starbucks. i am putting cozy and the pirates hat on hold for a little bit because these socks are so much more gratifying! i always thought it was funny how people got addicted to making socks, but i am totally starting to understand.

one more thing i wanted to note: while in the city the other day i went in anthropologie looking for inspiration. i found it: “sweaterknit cozies”. there were long candle holders done up in a loosely knit fine gauge yarn, with purposely messy seaming on one side. the votive candle holders had like a crocheted belt around them that covered the majority of the glass, with a button. both were totally awesome.

also, chunky cabled stuff seems to be really in right now. i’m seeing it everywhere.