The other day I received my Halcyon Gemstone 2/5 from eBay. Isn’t it pretty? Half of it of each color was in a ball while the other wasn’t, so I spent the evening watching TV and winding it before it got hopelessly tangled. Now it is safe back in plastic bags until I get the needles I need. Oh and am not working on three other projects at the same time.

Said other projects are: the hat of the previous post; Knitty’s Cozy for my mother, which is a little over halfway done. My WEBS order came two nights ago so I have the rest of the yarn I’ll need. This is the project I have been carting around with me to work on during breaks and things because the pattern is repetitious and not complicated.

The last project I began the night I got my WEBS order. They had emailed me and told me my Artyarns Supermerino was on backorder and it wouldn’t come for three weeks, but actually it came with everything else. It’s for my Dad’s xmas socks, and I was so excited that I rolled two of the three skeins into balls and then got started on the cuff. The pattern is Knitty’s thuja socks. These are my first socks, and since their in worsted on US6’s they’re going sort of fast. I’ve just been working the leg a little during TV watching. Soon I will begin the heel flap and things will get interesting. James thinks it’s funny that I’m knitting my Dad socks for xmas, but then he told me his dad would really like some because his feet always are cold. So if these go well, I guess I will make another pair!

I also made this superfast headband the other day. I used the green Sugar n Cream I made that dishcloth from. The green matches my Starbucks apron so I made it to wear to work to make my appearance a little more exciting. The pattern was posted on one of my LJ communities. I did an 11-stitch width in seed stitch. I am going to get out my stitch book and see if I find any that might look good for a few quick xmas presents. I made it sporadically knitting over about 24 hours.

And so, xmas knitting continues. As long as I don’t conjure up too many more projects for additional people, I think I should be just fine. The best part is that I can justify yarn purposes because it is not (mostly) for me.