after i made my swatch (see below) of the skull/crossbones chart the other day, i dove right into making the hat. so far, so good. i’m using acrylic/nylon lion brand “baby soft” that i got from beverly’s awhile ago to use for little sport weight things like legwarmers. i have two other colors of the stuff (and the skeins are by no means small) and lots more colors available at the store should i decide to make anymore. it is going pretty quickly. as things stand now, i feel like i actually might have enough time to knit everything i’m planning on for xmas.

i ordered yarn from WEBS the other day, and i’m proud to say that the only skein that is for me i got basically for free with the discount at $60. and i know what i’ll make with it after all this gift knitting is over: socks. however, my first attempt at socks will be with the artyarns supermerino that ordered to make the thuja socks from knitty for my dad’s xmas present. it’s on backorder, so i won’t get it for three weeks, but that will still give me a month to figure those out. i’m really hoping they turn out well. the other yarn was just two more skeins of silk garden lite for my mom’s cozy. i had bid on five skeins for $25.00 on ebay but i lost at the last minute. so i just sucked it up and paid regular price. i’ll have to drop the money at some point. and under $50 for my mom’s xmas present really isn’t so bad.

i also did win some yarn on ebay, which is this amazingly shiny silk yarn from halcyon. it’s really expensive ($30+/skein) and i won the auction at the starting price of $37.50 for like 12 oz. of the stuff, in two colors. i was looking for some 100% silk for a specific present anyway, and i decided that the rest can be some kind of lovely shawl for myself.

i am looking forward to all my mail that will be arriving soon. if james wonders at the new yarn acquisitions i can assure him that it’s (mostly) for gifts. speaking of james, i have no idea what i’m getting/making him for xmas. better get on that.

i realized i can use my opera account to store all the photos for this blog, so i may be slowly moving all my knit/crochet related photos over from flickr. i knew there was a good reason i switched to this site.