i have been all kinds of productive in the past few days, knitting-wise. not only have a finished a few small projects, i have learned not one, but two techniques as well!

first, the boring one:

first dishcloth

i’ve decided making dishclothes is a fun way to try out new lace patterns and things. and they’re useful. i think they’ll make some good housewarming gifts in the future, too.

next, here is a detail shot of my cables. i’m not revealing what they are a part of because it is a gift and i don’t want to risk that being exposed. all in good time.


also, detail of my first attempt at mattress stitch.
seaming detail

and lastly, today i tried fair isle for the first time, because i want to make the “we call them pirates” hat for someone. i hadn’t done color knitting up to this point. fair isle wasn’t as scary as i thought it was going to be. all that changing keeps in interesting. someday i’ll be pro and be able to do it two handed. for now, i’m just slow. but it turned out all right.

first fair isle

well, time for work.