October 2006

after i made my swatch (see below) of the skull/crossbones chart the other day, i dove right into making the hat. so far, so good. i’m using acrylic/nylon lion brand “baby soft” that i got from beverly’s awhile ago to use for little sport weight things like legwarmers. i have two other colors of the stuff (and the skeins are by no means small) and lots more colors available at the store should i decide to make anymore. it is going pretty quickly. as things stand now, i feel like i actually might have enough time to knit everything i’m planning on for xmas.

i ordered yarn from WEBS the other day, and i’m proud to say that the only skein that is for me i got basically for free with the discount at $60. and i know what i’ll make with it after all this gift knitting is over: socks. however, my first attempt at socks will be with the artyarns supermerino that ordered to make the thuja socks from knitty for my dad’s xmas present. it’s on backorder, so i won’t get it for three weeks, but that will still give me a month to figure those out. i’m really hoping they turn out well. the other yarn was just two more skeins of silk garden lite for my mom’s cozy. i had bid on five skeins for $25.00 on ebay but i lost at the last minute. so i just sucked it up and paid regular price. i’ll have to drop the money at some point. and under $50 for my mom’s xmas present really isn’t so bad.

i also did win some yarn on ebay, which is this amazingly shiny silk yarn from halcyon. it’s really expensive ($30+/skein) and i won the auction at the starting price of $37.50 for like 12 oz. of the stuff, in two colors. i was looking for some 100% silk for a specific present anyway, and i decided that the rest can be some kind of lovely shawl for myself.

i am looking forward to all my mail that will be arriving soon. if james wonders at the new yarn acquisitions i can assure him that it’s (mostly) for gifts. speaking of james, i have no idea what i’m getting/making him for xmas. better get on that.

i realized i can use my opera account to store all the photos for this blog, so i may be slowly moving all my knit/crochet related photos over from flickr. i knew there was a good reason i switched to this site.


i have been all kinds of productive in the past few days, knitting-wise. not only have a finished a few small projects, i have learned not one, but two techniques as well!

first, the boring one:

first dishcloth

i’ve decided making dishclothes is a fun way to try out new lace patterns and things. and they’re useful. i think they’ll make some good housewarming gifts in the future, too.

next, here is a detail shot of my cables. i’m not revealing what they are a part of because it is a gift and i don’t want to risk that being exposed. all in good time.


also, detail of my first attempt at mattress stitch.
seaming detail

and lastly, today i tried fair isle for the first time, because i want to make the “we call them pirates” hat for someone. i hadn’t done color knitting up to this point. fair isle wasn’t as scary as i thought it was going to be. all that changing keeps in interesting. someday i’ll be pro and be able to do it two handed. for now, i’m just slow. but it turned out all right.

first fair isle

well, time for work.

last night i made it back to my wonderful alameda apartment, after exactly eight weeks of foreign adventures. the trip was absolutely amazing, but part of me was definitely ready to come home. i slept in my own bed last night. it was amazing.

as for knitting, i did my fair share on this journey. i brought three skeins of noro silk garden lite with me to work on cozy for my mom. i’m about halfway through that third skein. i knitted madly for the beginning and then took a break for a few months to catch up on some reading. the one downfall to knitting is that i don’t read nearly as much as i would like to, so i am going to be trying to balance these two things. maybe i will even turn this into a knitting and reading blog. that would be something.

i also finished my own pair of knucks, just AFTER we left iceland, where they would have been quite nice to have. i bought yarn in a few places. i found some for really cheap at a giant flea markent in dresden, and then i bought some irish wool. in iceland i meant to buy a few skeins and then i never got around to it. i’ll look for it on the internet. i also didn’t happen upon a norweigian yarn store, but if i get some of that i can knit it with the irish yarn to represent my ancestry. ironically enough, icelanders are descended from a mixture of norweigian vikings and celts that they enslaved. so essentially, i’m icelandic. i just don’t live there. and there’s a few other things thrown into muddy it up.

i did get inspired by those icelandic sweaters, which i would have loved to buy. but on a budget trip, $100+ for a sweater was not going to happen. i did decide that i will knit myself one. it’s going to be beautiful.

now is the time to get in gear for knitting xmas presents. mom’s cozy is about halfway done. also on the list:

-socks for dad
-armwarmers for kristen
-‘we call them pirates’ hat for katie (j’s sister)

maybe something for keriann, though she is a little difficult because i want her to actually LIKE the thing i make for her.

also jon mentioned something on this blog about needing clothes for colder weather (he’s in salem, oregon). his birthday was a few days ago. i thought maybe i’ll knit him a hat or a scarf and send it to him as a surprise.

now, i just need the time for all this. i started reading ulysses, which isn’t going to be done anytime soon. next on the book list are said’s orientalism, don quixote, and marquez’s one hunndred years of solitude. the books don’t need to be done by xmas, but all this ambition is going to take some discipline.