hello knit/crochet blog.
i have been doing a bit of knitting but mostly i have been spending time on the glorious internet planning my european tour.
the internet is such an amazing place. it’s easy to get lost, or forget places you once held dear.
so, don’t expect to hear that much out of me in the upcoming weeks (or months). because i will be off adventuring. but there will always be knitting. just not as much.

i finished james’ knucks (no pics yet) and started my own pair from the silky tweed i got at skein lane. my interweave shrug sits a little under halfway done. i think of swatching for mom’s cozy and then i convince myself i have other more important things to do.

but mainly i get too damn excited about my trip and go look up maps of foreign public transportation systems and schedules for overnight trains.

even if i don’t knit very much, in europe, i will knit <b>everywhere</b>.