so today was the first day of skein lane’sclosing sale. i had the day off so obviously i went over there in search of cheap yarn. the yarn wasn’t quite as cheap as i was hoping – mostly 20% off, except for a few half offs (of which i found nothing). of course there were plenty of things i wanted, but since the savings weren’t that hot, i limited myself only to yarn that i could commit to a specific project. i spent $80 and got this:

that beautiful basket behind all the yarn is a lantern moon basket. they had several marked down – this one was $20, but i saw some people getting them for less than $5 because they were a bit worn. mine has a bit of a hole on part of the bottom, but nothing major and i intend on keeping it at home anyway, to contain my ‘current projects’.

and now, the yarn…

starting on the left and moving clockwise:
-three skeins of noro silk garden lite, which will be used for my mom’s xmas present. it will either be cozy or clapotis. i will need to get 3-4 more skeins in the same colorway, but i figured this was about the same deal as i’ve found on ebay, minus the shipping, so it was decent.
-one skein of galway highland heather wool, which will become my sister’s xmas present, irish hiking wristwarmers (pdf). i was happy to find this because i was looking mainly for cascade 220 but none of the colors were really striking me. this is blue with purple hints. she’ll love it.
-two skeins of BRIGHT ORANGE ornaghi filati superkid, which is basically like rowan kidsilk haze but with nylon indead of silk. the color is ridiculous, and they were MUCH cheaper than kidsilk haze. they will most likely become the sleeves from the one skein book, or a lacy scarf. ORANGE!
-lastly, two skeins of elsebeth lavold silky tweed. you can’t see it very well in the picture, but the color is black with fushia and gold specks. this will probably become a pair of knucks for myself. i had been planning on some other silk garden lite in my stash, but this stuff is great and will work for my pacman idea! that is, unless i decide to write “OMG! WTF?” on them instead, which i saw in the ideas section of the knucks KAL.

so i didn’t find any totally fabulous deals, but i got some stuff that i really did need for upcoming projects. i resisted things like noro blossom and crazy colorways in rio de las platas, which i’ve been lusting after for quite some time but have no immediate use for.

aside from the yarn, the experience of this trip was quite crazy. there were SO MANY PEOPLE. the store itself, by the time i got there, wasn’t horribly crowded…no was grabbing yarn and people were pretty good about trying to get out of your way if you needed to get through…but the line to pay was absolutely ridiculous. i spent 2.5 hours in line after i finished selecting my yarn. i guess they weren’t expecting nearly that many people. and then one of their credit card machines stopped working. so the going was quite slow. however, i did get almost all the fingers on my 2nd knuck finished. i cast on the index finger on BART on the way home.

i also met a few nice women around me in line and we talked about all kinds of things to pass the time. it was an adventure, and even though the deals weren’t all that great, overall it was worth it.

also, now i know i can BART to fat apple’s bakery!