i joined the knucks knitalong earlier this week. this is the first time i’ve been in a knitalong…i usually seem to find them a few days too late, after they’ve stopped accepting new members. so people are making knucks all over the place. it’s pretty awesome.


i think i am going to make myself a pair out of that silk garden lite i have sitting around. it was destined for my next clapotis (for myself) but i think it’s going to be awhile before i get around to that, and i really want to use that stuff for something! also that means i’m not buying even more yarn to make myself a pair.

oh yeah, and you know what they’re going to say?


and before the “pac” will be a little pacman and after the “man” will be a little ghosty!

or i might make the silk garden lite ones say something different and make the pacman ones in black.

also i think i’d like to make keith a pair. his birthday is in a month, and plus he’s moving to london so he’ll need something to keep his hands warm. i don’t know what his are going to say yet, but whatever it is, it’ll be high-larious.

anyway, i am doing the ribbing on the first of james’. i’ll finish either tonight or tomorrow. whee!